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My Favorite Tech inside an $80,000 Audi Q7!

what's up guys it's a from tech source and this is the 2018 out eq7 I do want to give a huge thanks to outie for sponsoring this video so this is the 2018 out eq7 a luxurious SUV that spackled a lot of cool tech my first impressions when I sat inside was wow it's actually very comfortable it's spacious and look at all these buttons it felt like a cockpit inside a spaceship there's a lot of subtle things about the q7 that I really enjoyed like the sliding display on a dashboard the LED accents throughout the car and the head-up display which will project information like speed and navigation directly onto the windscreen so that you don't have to constantly look down or over at the display the q7 has several cameras and sensors around the vehicle that are constantly being used while you're on the road for safety one of the examples is the traffic jam Assist which can be activated next to the cruise control lever it's not fully automated but it does automatically maintain a distance between the car in front and it does this by either braking or accelerating I feel like anyone who lives in an area what a lot of traffic would really appreciate traffic jam assist as it does pretty much most of the driving for you and since it's doing the driving for you why not sit back and enjoy a good massage I'm not even kidding these seats come in with built-in massagers you can pick from several options and you can even control the intensity my favorite by far is the wave which starts from the lower back and moves all the way up to your neck area honestly I just can't see myself sitting in a different car seats this is I'm already used to it comfort is obviously one of the things that the q7 does right driving this around for a whole week I noticed how quiet and smooth the ride was it handles turns really nicely and the suspension can be adjusted to accommodate the type of road you're on setting it closer to the ground is better for Canyon riding and there's even an option for off-road which raises the suspension all the way up the q7 also comes with MMI touch interface which has handwriting recognition technology so instead of selecting numbers or letters you can simply write it down with your finger and it will input the data it also helps navigating through the map simply by moving your finger the touchpad you can also pinch it in and out on the touchpad and it will zoom in or out on the navigation screen the virtual cockpit is also really cool it's a fully digital twelve point three inch instrument cluster that can be customized to show basically anything from performance to navigation details already actually works at Nvidia and they're using the new Tegra k1 GPU to power their virtual cockpit one of the things I really enjoyed on the q7 was the top view camera as I mentioned before the q7 has sensors and cameras all around the car and it will switch to the appropriate camera to help you well there's even a top view option which will combine all the cameras together and you're able to see all around the car from the top once again I'm gonna give a huge thanks to out he for sponsoring this video and I want to ask you guys what was your favorite tech from the q7 let me know by commenting down below thanks for watching and as always I'll see you in the next video this feels so good I don't even want to leave the car right now like seriously
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