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My First Watercooled PC Build! - Part 1

so guys I've built a few pcs here on tech source nothing too crazy but guys it's time to take tech stores to the next level I know you've been waiting for this for a long time so have I what we're going to be doing today is building my very first water-cooled build who's excited all right now since this is my first water-cooled build I won't be doing a time-lapse build because I have no clue what the hell I'm doing so I'm going to be doing a vlog style build log instead and maybe you'll have two three parts I'm not really sure it's kind of like building Legos without the instruction guide so yeah this is going to be an interesting experience to say the least but as soon as I get this down guys I'm going to be doing these regularly hopefully I can bring you guys a water-cooled build once every two months so yeah very excited if you guys are excited make sure to leave a like because this this definitely a lot of planning involved into doing these so that's why I don't do it every single month I haven't even done what am I talking about but anyways let's take a look at the parts and then we can start by building this PC all right so here are the main parts and on that bench over there is basically all the water cooling pieces I just I'm getting a heart attack looking at these this is going to be insane but anyways so the bulk of this is pretty much on this desk we're gonna be using these 6700 K 32 gigs of ram from a trident by the way I'm sure you guys I realized what color scheme this is if you have let me know in the comment section we're going to do a 480 gigabytes m dot 2 from HyperX we have an SLI bridge you know what that means we've got not one but two gtx 1080s from EVGA this is the super supe super clock superclocked edition so very psyched about that there's a there's an EVGA z170 FTW motherboard underneath this massive power supply I'll really be using the 1200 I honestly I think I ordered and and an EVGA 1000g 2 instead so I might use that instead I don't know we'll see what's up with that and in this baby the case is going to be the Liam Lee PC 0 9 it's upside down I don't know why did that but the PC 0 9 case it's gonna be an amazing looking build and there are the cables over there black and yellow I gave it away whatever whatever is anyways here are the parts let's go ahead and take out the case from the box and I guess we can start off by putting in the motherboard for us because that is the easiest part and we can install the RAM sticks and the waterblock and then yeah we'll go from there alrighty then let's go in and get it open this box I can't speak today guys I've honestly I'm exhausted today I doing bunch of errands so apologies if my enthusiastic level is under 9000 so let's just let's do this I'm subsite all of us can hear that but it's hella windy over here in California there's a freakin tornado about to come suck us up right now I don't realize I've giantess cases until I really am boxed it I'm guessing this is the glass panel because this is really heavy it is the glass I knew it that looks like the side panels down there as well so you know what guys I'm actually I kind of touched this I think we should put together a PC first and then we could put this on at the end just because I don't get any fingerprints on it and maybe even crack it during the process all right guys let's do the motherboard processor and the waterblock and I think we should call it for that episode Oh for this episode here she is and all its glory guys a very gorgeous motherboard this is the z170 classified motherboard from EVGA and by the way I'm gonna get huge things to EVGA Linley for sending the parts in as well as mod my mod for sending in the Alpha cool water cooling parts you guys are awesome I won't be able to do this video if it weren't for you oh also uh shout out to g-scale for the RAM and also HyperX for their m2 SSDs you guys Rock thank you so much alright so we got the motherboard in front of us let's pop open the sockets put in the 6700 K I'm thinking about getting a second camera I'm putting it right above me just so you guys can get a closer shot of what I'm doing on these types of videos I don't know if you guys would like to see something like that where we go slap it back in and that is done CPUs inside so this is the block nice and heavy imagine if I just drop this right on the Freak motherboard he is look at that holy crud I was close I haven't put that down I can't believe I almost forgot to use my anti-static mat from alpha pool as well check this thing out guys this thing is massive this is legit one of the most detailed anti-static mouse mats I've ever seen it's got to being size charts radiator sizes and holes I mean this thing has pretty much everything this is ridiculous and even comes with some wrist wraps which I think you're supposed to hook these up to the amount of the mat itself but I never use them honestly it just for those people who are extra extra cautious I think alpha cool is actually giving one of these mouse mats away so more details will be on my final video once the PC is completed so make sure you guys stick around if you're interested alright so the CPU block is now officially on there I guess it wasn't too bad it's pretty straightforward but I feel like that's like the easiest part so alright so I guess we cannot do the RAM sticks and then put in the MDOT 2 over here and then maybe move on to the next step Oh check these out these look awesome black and yellow indeed these drumsticks are definitely gonna pop and it's build I feel like there's a lot more black than there is going to be yellow so I think that's why these ramp sticks are perfect for this build case you guys are wondering about the speed these are thirty two hundred megahertz 32 gigs total so it gigs each stick look at these babies g.skill you guys do such an amazing job honestly when it comes to RAM sticks I feel like aesthetics is more important than anything since all the RAM sticks are pretty much the same speed nowadays alright guys so it's going to put on the MDOT two SSD and then wrap up the video and in the next video we can actually finally put the motherboard inside the case and then continue on with the build alright guys so that is pretty much it for step one or part one of the video I guess I don't know how short this video is but if you guys want longer videos let me know in the comment section down below also let me know you guys enjoy these series if you do I'll probably continue to do something like this for my next water-cooled build as well or maybe I should just do a time-lapse I don't know whatever you guys like but anyways thank you so much for watching and I will see you guys in the next video
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