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My Girlfriend or Youtube? - AskEdgar #8

look how symmetrical my setup is the edges of my monitor are even aligned with the foams damn I'm so good what's up guys it's that back again from tech stores and it's a new month which means it's time for another episode of ask everywhere you guys submit your questions via Twitter and I answer them in a video so I'll received a buttload of questions from you guys so I'm really sorry if I don't get to answer your question in this video I'm trying to keep this as short as possible that's big if you had to pick between YouTube boy your girlfriend what would you pick they can only choose one alright starting off with a wait wait a great question already obviously YouTube if you could change the theme of your YouTube channel from text to something else what would it be definitely I would do a gaming channel if there was a fire and you could only save three pieces of tech what would they be you have to carry them all at once let's see three pieces attack that's an interesting question my PC would be way too heavy to carry especially if I'm taking three so I would say my phone my Sony camera and my laptop what made you switch to PC technically Mac's are also considered PC I've actually used Windows PC since I could remember so I haven't really switched to PC I've just kind of stuck with it and even in school I've tried using like the Mac computers and it's just horrible to me I can't stand that software how do you pronounce your last name oh gun nasty on do you think you could do a 250-pound budget build without an APU that's a pretty cool challenge if I can other parts linked down below so check it out do you perform mechanicals or no M keyboards and it's actually funny you say that because on Twitter and Instagram and I posted a picture of my new mechanical keyboard I'm not gonna tell you what it is you have to check it out how do you get the names for your PC builds and get this asked so many times the process is simple I sit there lonely at night thinking of my past all the things I regret things I love and care about what is the meaning of life is their purpose to do what is your favorite character in Spongebob and why definitely Squidward because I feel his pain every single day goddamn annoying sponge hey ed have you ever considered doing a custom water cooling loop on your main PC yes I mentioned as before when I get to it hopefully in the beginning of 2016 which is coming up I want to build an awesome monster ultimate water cooling PC bill for myself so it should be interesting what would you do with a million dollars buy cookies for all your subs heck no I'll buy a mansion hire a bunch of people who help me make videos I'm just kidding of course I care about you guys I'll buy every single one of you a custom built PC how you stay motivated to put all this hard work into making videos that's a good question RC king there's a reason why I put that plaque above there just so I can look at it every time I want and that gives me lots of motivation to continue that's like a symbol it tells me that I've accomplished something and that I'm in the right path also the feedback you guys leave me in my videos contributes to my motivation so thank you guys what is your work program what's the process for releasing your videos get the products whether I'm buying it or getting it for review record a video get lots and lots of footage script for the video voice over edit so how is the Alexus described in one word awesome tastic ab ulis intel or AMD haha that's a good one how often do you buy new parts since you have the room full of parts that have been used before it's quite simple really if I'm building a PC that doesn't have the part that I need I'll go out and buy it can I have giveaway PC please know what's one mistake you've made somewhere in your youtube career that other starting youtubers may be able to avoid honestly I wouldn't really say I've made any mistakes I've done some things in the past that I probably should have done differently but I wouldn't change them because I've learned from those and it me a better person and it helped grow the channel so the only advice I can really give you is just go with the flow if you do make a mistake or if she would have done something differently then learn from that and become a better youtuber do you stress yourself out if so is it the content or just in general honestly the most stressful part about this is trying to push out the content I get one project done and then two more projects pop up so it's really stressful trying to get these videos out before it just gets piled on are you all set on studio gear such as lighting and tripods or is there something you are looking into buying honestly I think I'm really happy with everything right now I have all the gear I need there's nothing I really want to upgrade I was gonna play the camera early 2016 but you know what the quality is perfect I don't shoot outside my controlled lighting situation so I'm okay is there anyone other than Bob which was very influential in you becoming who you are today well if it wasn't for Bob I wouldn't have a youtube channel but having a tech channel I would say I was influenced mainly by unbox therapy if YouTube didn't exist what would you do for a living honestly I don't know maybe continue banking because that's what I was doing before so maybe like a banker or a branch manager or something your girlfriend or your car obviously my car do you plan on expanding tech source in the future by getting people to work for you or carry on individual that's a good question Ruben I've been seriously thinking about it with the growth of tech stores being so rapid and not slowing down anytime soon I kind of want to bring in one or two more actual people to help push content sometime mid 2016 hopefully that's the plan and then later in 2017 I want to get an office building and I have like two or three people work for me full-time kind of like a Linus Media Group and that as big because that requires lots of responsibility and pressure and stress which I don't want to deal with so something small like that just to make sure I can push out one video a day that's the ultimate goal right now protects so that's it for all the questions thank you guys so much for sending them in again I'm really sorry if I didn't get to answer your questions a lot of them were actually answered before in my previous ask me videos I'll drop a link to the playlist if you guys want to check those ads well yeah make sure to follow me on Twitter so you guys can participate in the next month ask edgar video just be on the lookout for the hashtag ask edgar thanks again for watching and i'll see you in the next video
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