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My New Home - Techsource HQ Tour

what's up guys I said back again from tech stores so I finally moved into my new place this is my new apartment I'm gonna give you guys a quick tour I did bring everything in and it's actually a pretty big mess because there's still a bunch of stuff flying around but I'm going to give you guys a quick tour so this is the living room got the couch coffee table this is where the new setup wars and PC Wars will be filmed at so kind of have to get used to that this world of TV is going to go by to another of course got some paintings like I said it's just a bunch of stuff around so obviously moving slightly upstairs and the dining room area this is where the poker table is as you can see this is the only place that actually could fit the poker table so that's kind of why it's there so yeah I'm going to have coconuts hopefully once again every weekend in the night hopefully so in here is the kitchen area not sure why there's two instances but there is some not complaining I guess you can start off from that side we have the tables and chairs I think what I'm saying and here's the laundry and watch them dryer I should say unit that's a pretty nice plus about this place on this side we have obviously got your dishwasher so microwave and the others actually bought a really about a new fridge for us so super nice owners and it comes complementary with three champagne bottles I haven't even tried these so hopefully they're good but awesome owners thank you guys so much for that crack it open and celebrate alright it's basically after that let's now go upstairs oh it's the trash can the famous trash can and the mini fridge that we bought from the office so exiting out this is the Harry I call this the Harry Potter closet just because it looks like the closet alright Potter I don't know why I'm showing you the bathroom but hey it's it's I guess we're going to be using this for the guest bathroom that's what the purpose for this is and I'll set nonsense let's go back upstairs or let's go upstairs I should say if you haven't been upstairs yeah alright so up here is basically another closet when you reach the top just a bunch of shelves nothing fancy here this is my bedroom or our bedroom I guess as you can see there's nothing on there yet but this is my queen bed I'm actually gonna buy it maybe 40 50 inch TV mounted on the wall over here and of course I'm gonna pick up a dresser stop so it's it's honestly looking a lot of play now but it will a lot better I would say a few weeks not about them here nothing special now on to the good stuff so this place is actually technically two bedrooms but this room is so small that they don't even count it as an actual bedroom so instead of being three bedrooms actually two bedrooms but this is where the storage unit is going to be I'm gonna buy a bunch of shelves from Ikea and categorize these alphabetically these are basically all product reviews that I've either done in the past or I need to do in the future as you can see it's a complete mess just standing here gives me an anxiety so that's just the sleeve quickly before we get it to be main master fetter this is about the Raiders is the Astor bath I guess is that even such a thing called Instagram what whatever get your tub standard shower which is extremely small look how small this shower is like if the waters anything facing me so I'm gonna probably replace that and get a bigger shower this method is taken be mine on me she has her own bathroom there in our bedroom so yeah ladies and gentlemen prepare yourselves this is the new headquarters of Texas work-in-progress of course I welcome you with open arms as you can see my station is set up but I'm still working on the alternate station and if you things as a bunch of cables and crap lying around but yeah this is where the alternate backup station will leads where Bob will be editing videos for tech source over here we have the charging station aka charging dock with some minor modifications underneath for different charges but you're not going to show you that and this is the filming table this is where the products will be the reason why I put it against this wall is because I have a long wall to work with since I'm going to be using a wide angle lens I figured this would really the table would benefit being against this wall over here and of course one of the things I'm very proud of I still don't know where I'm gonna hang this so I'm kind of looking around I was thinking about hanging it on top of my PC but then it's like the same wallpaper it kind of looks lame so I'm going to put in put my silver play button actually on top of my piece yes where that's gonna go this I have no idea still looking around Bob actually told me - what would you tell me put it over there over there Bob told me to put the painting or poster over here so I don't what do you guys think let me know your comments down below I kind of want it over there on the alternate station I want to be mounted up there but let me know what looks better guys by dropping a comment down below basically it one of the things I really love about this place is the natural light as you can see there's two windows on both sides so I will see don't even need to use my soft boxes this thing was extremely bright around 12:00 or 1:00 o'clock so I can basically use natural light in my videos and it will look a lot better for sure so it'll could cost on electric bill so that's a huge plus we have basically it have a little closet in that corner over there a chicken I put some stuff in and put some stuff in there which a great tour okay I think I said I'm just gonna wrap it up here thank you guys so much for watching the video I will make another update once everything is settled in once I get more furniture in oh yeah let me know what you guys think about the new place let me know what you guys think about the headquarters of Texas then you guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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