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My New Ride - VLOG #9

it's 946 it's time to go buy a new car alright so before I head out to the dealer and get a few things done I want a bitch I need to release my video the chorion benchmarks and gaming video that I finished yesterday alright so the four hundred dollar budget pill right here it was already on my playlist which is why though it has views and comments and likes so people managed to find that before I went live sneaky bastards and it let's make this public add a little message he's ready for the next PC build Save Changes it is now public and then what I usually do is I share it on Twitter Twitter so yes the process of releasing the video usually I do my videos done before the next day so I have some content alright so now that's done it's gonna take care of my hair and then I can be on my way it just started pouring so hard right now I just had to rain today there was like no rain this past week of course it has to be my day alright I'm all ready to go I just hope you stole my raining let's find out so we got some rain it's not as bad as before it before was like really pouring there she is my 2013 Scion fr-s this is his last week so take a good look at it yeah as you can hear it's still raining so this time is gonna be really annoying I'm also not sure exactly what car I'm gonna get but I do know that I wanna Lexus and I'm sure by just looking at the thumbnail or reading the title of this video you guys probably know what I went with unless I keep it hidden from you all right so the rain has stopped the least that's a good sign it's so weird it was like waning in chatsworth then over here and in Woodland Hills there are barely any clouds like really check it out no clouds what's well some clouds but for the most part it's pretty clear check this right out the LFA and only a sweet-looking ride I don't know how much this cost holy crap see three hundred eighty thousand so basically I'm here waiting for Sabrina which is the person at the appointment way so yeah just waiting on that yeah yeah oh let junior this is way more advanced than my forest look at this so that right there's your speedometer press this button whoa we do that again that is that's what got me about these cars dad is awesome the indicator compass there's your radio so I just test drove the car and I loved it now to decide which version to go with the standard which starts around 40,000 and it's available in the cream white which or the export version which is around 44,000 and it comes in the clear white that I actually like a lot better so he's gonna bring down the cream color one downstairs and I'm gonna look at it in person or on there's sunlight and see how it looks there it is this is the cream-colored white Ken looks like a metallic style like metallic white it's not like glossy it's not like a glossy white it looks a lot better in sunlight as preferred so these are the two cars it comes down to d/f sport and the non export family they don't have the model that I want which is the stock export version so they're trying to hassle and haggle me into buying the one they have here but that's not what I want I don't want all those extra features I'm not gonna use it it's a two-year lease after all and I think just gonna be wasting money so well that was a complete waste of time turns out they don't have the well I should say Lexus doesn't even have the model I want built which is the base F Sport model no dealer around my area has it pretty disappointed actually I was looking forward to driving home and a new Lexus but it is what it is you know we'll see what happens are so just gotten used that the dealer and Van Nuys keys of Van Nuys I think has the model I'm looking for so right now I'm rushing over there to see if it's actually true and then possibly even lease it hi I'm here to see my mother yes Edgar guys guess what oh my god I'm so excited right now so there you have it goodbye my baby hello beautiful it's been fun but I'm sorry for us it's time to move on to bigger and much better things look at this you guys I'm so freaking happy oh my god words just can't describe my feeling right now this is this isn't this isn't is okay I can't even talk this is insane guys this is unreal I don't like I don't even know what to say I'm so excited but yeah guys imma go ahead and end this vlog if you guys want to see more in depth video I guess of this car let me know in the comments section but I'm not gonna bore you guys too much anymore I just want to say thank you so much I have the best subscribers on the planet you guys are amazing thank you so much for your support I want to be here making videos and let alone driving this fancy car if it wasn't for you guys so thank you so much for that Wow thank you again for everything not a know what else to say you guys think wow anyways I want you guys you know if you enjoy the vlogs make sure that I like button and I'm so damn excited I'll see you guys in the next video peace you
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