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My Production Setup for TechSource

what's up guys it's ad from tech stores and welcome to my recording and editing setup a lot of you guys actually requested this video so I figured I would go ahead and put one together I'm not gonna go through everything that's on my desk I actually did a setup tour in February of this year and I'll leave a link down below if you guys want to check that out or you can click on the video over here on the screen but really the only thing that's different from the setup tour and today's video is actually just a monitor I swapped out both of my samsung 4k monitors for LG's 34 inch ultra wide curved monitor and if you guys somehow missed that video then honestly you should pause this video and go check that out because this thing is amazing it's it's amazing for productivity and for gamers so I'll leave a link below if you guys want to check that out but anyways let's go ahead and start with what I use to record all my videos so to start things off this is my editing and voiceover setup for voice-over videos like the one you are listening to now I use the scarlet Studio audio package that comes with the interface and also a cm 25 microphone and I also added my own pop filter by the way I will leave all the links to the products mentioned in this video in the order that you see them so it's easier to find now for on-camera videos I use the audio technica 88 97 condenser microphone because it captures great audio from a distance which is exactly what I need since I'm sitting away from my desk most of you guys noticed this set up this is where I film my on-camera videos I simply pull the microphone stand extend the neck and plug in the XLR cable from the audio interface and I'm ready to go you can adjust the length and the height of the stand to however you like it and I love the fact that you can just fold it and put it away from view for editing and pretty much everything else i use the ath m50x headphones from audio technica i wasn't a fan of the 8 ehm 70 X's the quality was not up to par and the sound quality just wasn't there and actually did a comparison video between the two and decided that the m50 X's are much better at least for me they are the keyboard I use is the mic soft Sidewinder x4 and yes I'm aware that this isn't a mechanical keyboard and I really don't care I do love this keyboard very much and it's very quiet and awesome to type on and I really enjoy gaming on it as well for productivity this is the best wireless mouse money can buy but I'm sure everyone already knows that I do use it for gaming occasionally but when it comes to editing and just overall workflow the MX master is an amazing Mouse and you guys can check the video I did on that if you don't believe me so I keep getting asked what programs I used to edit my videos so I hope this video will finally answer them for editing footage I use Sony Vegas Pro 13 and I actually tried Adobe Premiere and even Final Cut Pro but I found that the Vegas Pro worked so well for me and it was a lot easier to learn and since then I've not tried anything else for audio recording I use the program called audacity which is a free program that you can download and it will enhance the overall audio quality of your video here's a quick sample with and without editing the sound with audacity alright so this is basically the audio sample recorded using audacity without any editing and here is the audio sample using audacity with editing as you can see there is a big difference before and after before I move on to the filming area I wanted to mention how awesome my desk is so this is called the vertex and once again I did do a video on it you guys should really check my channel before asking questions chances are I did a video on it but this is essentially a desk that lets you adjust its height I wanted to mention this because this is very crucial to my editing sessions and that's because editing and voicing over takes hours and I get tired of sitting down all the time not only is sitting down for hours at a time bad for the back but it also promotes laziness so the fact that I can adjust the height with a click of a button and change things up is what makes the vertex a must for me alright well moving towards the filming area and I'm sure you guys have seen this shot many times right well let me move back a little bit this is what my setup looks like from a distance I have to Flora softboxes with 685 watt soft white bulbs in each stand giving it that pure white look in my videos if there's a tip I want to give you guys when it comes to lighting is don't cheat out I learned the hard way and I went through like five different lighting setups before discovering this one and if you're looking for quality lighting equipment don't go for cheap equipment you will regret it not only are the lights super-bright but the stand is very durable and it's the best quality stand I have ever used in lighting the filming desk is also a vertex that's how much I love this thing that I had to get two of them plus it really helps me in getting those awesome shots that you sometimes see in my videos the camera I used to film all this is the Panasonic gh4 and I mainly got it because they can shoot in 4k resolution I currently use only one lens which is the twelve to thirty five millimeter F 2.8 zoom lens however I plan on picking up a wide angle lens sometime in the near future so right below the camera is the Manfrotto 128 RC fluid head which lets me do some pretty cool shots like horizontal and vertical pans right below the fluid head is the camera or slider which is the only slider I use for smooth sliding shots that you see my videos and believe it or not but I actually use my hands for all the shots including this one that you see now however I'm still looking for a motorized slider that has a longer length and I haven't really found one that I like yet so right below the slider is another Manfrotto fluid head and this is needed to support the slider itself and without it I won't be able to mount the slider on and last but not least we have my trusty tripod also from Manfrotto this is the 190 X PR OB aluminum pro tripod and it's a really strong and durable tripod that gets the job done it works wonders for unboxing since I can expand the legs all the way up giving me about sixty inches of height to work with but yeah that's basically my entire setup for recording editing and filming I hope you guys enjoyed the video if you did please hit that like button as I would really appreciate it and let me know what you guys think about my setup I'm actually really interested in hearing what you have to say also if you have any questions at all or have any suggestions feel free to drop them in the comment section down below once again I will leave links to the products you guys saw in the video in the description section down below and also those of you guys that are interested in checking out my entire gear list for tech source I will leave a link to that down below as well but anyways thanks again for watching this is that from tech source I will see you guys in the next video
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