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My Ultimate Desk Setup Tour - 2018

what's up guys it's mtech Soros and welcome to my 2018 desk set up tour this video was sponsored by guns of boom a real big shooter that's finally on mobile it's got awesome graphics it's easy to play with so many different Maps weapons customization and game modes to choose from my absolutely favorite gun in the game is the Sarah Barris by far it's a burst shot gun that obliterates anyone that comes close to me but I do enjoy the sniper once in a while because I can pick off enemies from a distance for a limited time they've added a new event featuring the real Danny Trejo the man himself featured in a tournament that will last until June 14th and during this time you get access to the new free-for-all game mode and a bunch of other cool stuff like maps guns and costumes we have over 40 million players that join the game just within a year and the best part is that it's free to download for both Android and iOS but just my subscribers are actually given a huge starter pack that includes some awesome gear like a machine gun and some gold to kickstart your game all you guys have to do is click on a link in the description section and download the game so this is pretty much where everything happens guys this is where I run the channel this is where I watch videos play games I also edit videos here and of course the occasional fap session shaking my bottle vitamin-c you gotta have your vitamins so before you guys start watching this video I do recommend watching the upgrade video which I uploaded a few weeks ago guests can click on the top right card or the link down below it's a very beautiful montage video I did of upgrading my entire setup so definitely watch that before you continue watching this one so I guess I'll start off by talking about the desk which is the centerpiece of pretty much every setup this is actually custom made by level gaming this is the gamma series they do have a black top with the red outline as well as a black and blue so this was actually custom made for me specifically and there's also a custom with I think this one is about 80 inches in width so it's pretty wide and of course it is adjustable because I don't like sitting all the time so I do like the flexibility of standing up sometimes the only downside on this one compared to my previous since then is that there is no memory built-in so I can't pre-configure settings for a specific height so we could have to do it manually unfortunately but the upside is that it's more quiet than my previous sit and standard kind of you guys can hear this but it's fairly quiet compared to most since than desks I would say the next important piece of any setup is of course the PC itself that is what powers are set up essentially this year is big red I have an entire series on it if you guys want to check it out I've been through so much building this damn thing but in the end it came out to be worth it it's rocking a 79 80 XC 18 core processor which is deleted and overclocked to 4.9 gigahertz I believe it's rocking 32 gigs of ram two gtx 980ti is from EVGA and I crammed it inside this tiny micro ATX case from hex gear this is the our 40 chassis there's been a lot of mods done to this case first of all it's water-cooled of course all the parts are from ek there has been a lot of custom paint jobs and some slide modding to make some parts fit if you guys want to check out benchmarks and gameplay and stuff like that I'll leave a link to the video down below but moving on to the next important piece of the setup which is this bad boy my sexy ultrawide monitor so this is LG's new 38 wk 95 C it's basically the upgraded version of their 38 you see 99 that I was using for the past a year or so it's got a 38 40 by 1600 IPS display it's got HDR 10 srgb over 99% with built in free sync in fact the only difference between this one and the previous model is that it comes with HDR 10 it's got slightly thinner bezels and a new base design with upgraded speakers so you guys want to learn more about it you can check out my previous video on the 38 you see 99 it's pretty much the same thing with different features I'll drop a link to that down below as well each tier is really nice if you're actually watching HDR contents the technology essentially creates deeper levels of contrast making the bright parts of an image even brighter and the dark parts even darker I would say there's a good amount of HDR content out there however if you're not consuming HDR content I would definitely recommend turning it off in this play settings otherwise your image would have a weird tint to it and it would look washed out all right let's take a look at the audio equipment in my setup the only source of audio I have are the headphones the speakers and I do have a microphone which I will get to so you guys have already seen these many times these are the Edifier Luna eclipsed e 25 HD Edifier actually makes two versions of these the HD and the non HD the analog and the digital I'm actually using the digital ones which sound incredible they have a really nice design kinda like an alien like design which is why I still kept it and I've been using it for I think at least two years now phenomenal audio absolutely love them so the headphones I'm using are the Sennheiser HD 800 s which are sitting on top of drogon and this is my prop / headphone integrator that I'm using so these are actually custom painted and I use these pretty much for everything watching videos playing games most importantly I use them to edit my videos these headphones have a wide soundstage and pretty much picks up every possible sound which is why it's so perfect for editing videos or monitoring audio or any audio sensitive work really and I think that sentencer actually came up with new headphones for their HD lineup which I might have to check out but yeah very a pair of very solid headphones that I use for pretty much everything sometimes if I really want to blast the music and amp it up that's when I switch over to my speakers alright so moving on a 2d microphone a lot of you guys had questions about this in the comment section some of you even said isn't the audio come out upside down I don't I don't know if he was trolling or not but I seriously hope you were trolling because no the sound does not become upside down so the reason why I came up with that placement is because I didn't want to use a tripod and put it on the desk and I didn't want to hook it up to a boom arm and attach it to the desk as well I wanted a clean kind of floating design or floating look to it which is why I hooked it up to a gorilla pod and I attached it to the back so one of the negative things about doing this setup is because the microphone is behind the keyboard it's actually gonna pick up me typing on the keyboard at the same time so while I'm basically typing and talking it's gonna be picking up the keyboard in the background which is a negative so I don't actually mind because when I am talking the microphone I'm usually on skype or I'm on hangout stalking my friends or meeting so I will be typing and if I am typing I would usually just mute the microphone so here's what it sounds like typing while talking into the microphone well I'm basically typing and talkie it's gonna be picking up the keyboard in the background so yeah guys I don't recommend this setup for the typical gamer because while you're gaming and you're typing on your keyboard especially if it's a mechanical keyboard it's gonna annoy the crap out of your friends and whatever you're playing with this type of setup works for me because of what I use it for and how I use it but for the average gamer this is not the ideal setup rather get a boom arm put it closer to your mouth or just use your headset microphone so the peripherals I'm using most of it actually is upgraded the only thing that I kept the same was the mouse this is the logitech g930 mning Mouse it's absolutely love it I've been using it for I think almost two years now it's very responsive it's comfortable and the battery life on there is pretty decent that's why I decided to keep it now the keyboard is one of my favorite upgrades this is actually not available in the US at the contact courser and have them send me a unit this is the case m in the RGB se rapid-fire and it's using Cherry MX switches one of things I love about this keyboard is the silver aluminum backplate which really gives off a nice pop to the RGB colors as opposed to the black color from the regular k7a the only downside is it doesn't have a wrist rest which you know I'm starting to get used to but overall there's the design of it with the white key caps it's beautiful and I absolutely love the keyboard other thing I replaced was the extended mousepad my last one was very filthy and also I was getting tired of the design it was too busy there's a lot going on and I replaced it with the red dragon which really looks nice it's it's very simple and it's got that nice red outline stitching which contributes to the overall color scheme of course I had to drill a hole in it and a hole in the desk it's to out the keyboard wire and speaking of mouse pads there's this awesome company out there that just started out and they're making some dope mouse pads like these so they sent over a few samples I think they have like three or four different designs with three different sizes and if you guys want to check them out I'll drop a link below and you guys can actually get 10% off them using the code tech source so there are two reasons why I mounted the speakers this way on the lack shelves reason number one it looks a lot cleaner having a lifted from the desk and also two it's gonna be at my ear level so the audio is being directed straight into both of my ears which honestly really makes a big difference alright so cable mandrin was a challenge for this setup there were so many cables to work with I have so many devices that I hooked up and the idea was to basically keep everything off the ground so I used a bunch of 3m tape a bunch of velcro straps I even used a lot of cable clips throughout the cables but the MVP here is of course this massive J channel Raceway that I picked up which i think is about 50 inches or so most of the cables are being routed inside that and everything else is hooked up on the desk using 3m tape for example the power strip these power bricks for the monitor and a bunch of other things of course and the tricky thing about this is because the desk is motorized I need to have some cable slack for a few of the cables first of all I do need cable slack for the power strip and cable slack for the Ethernet cable which is being routed from the bottom of the carpet so for example if I'm gonna be raising the desk I do need cable slack from both the Ethernet cable and the power strip so that way both of the cables will expand with the height of the desk a few of the things I hooked up underneath the desk just to make my life a lot easier is an SD card reader which is then hooked up to the back of my PC because my PC case does not have any USB ports in the front so it's gonna be really difficult to reach in the back every single time so that is why I added an SD card from Kingston I also hooked up my audio interface this is the Barringer euphoria um - and my Sennheiser HD 800 SR hooked up today and finally an 8 terabyte external hard drive from Seagate with actually two built-in USB ports so if I ever need to transfer data I'll have to do is hook it up to my Seagate drive which is really cool because I don't need an extra USB hub for that it's kind of like a two and one so there were mixed feelings when it came to swapping out the chair a lot of you guys were against it and others had questions why the main reason is comfort so this is the verdict your gaming series trigger anomic chair it's basically if Herman Miller made love to a gaming chair this is what the outcome would be I know that the red color is not matching the rest of the setup and it's throwing everything off and affecting OCDs across the world I know it's affecting my OCD but the main reason I swapped it like I said it's Comfort it's got so many points of adjustment and in the end I'm gonna signature that I'm comfortable in not because it looks awesome or it looks cool one of the things I don't like about the chair is the headrest I don't know I think it's damaged actually because in reality I want to bring it all the way up here and closer to my head so I can lay back but as soon as I do that it goes down so I just think that maybe it's broken or defective because it's not supposed to do that otherwise yeah this would be like the perfect chair for me I'm gonna have to contact Burke here about that and see if they can send me another one because it's not it's not supposed to be it I think it's broken but anyways yeah that's why I swapped the chair so this was something I added after the video was completed I needed a phone stand for my iPhone 10 just so I can prop it up and see notifications as they appear eventually what I'm gonna do is I'll hook up my lightning cable through here and drill a hole behind it so that way I can charge my phone at the same time but that's gonna be at a later time of course no setup is complete without any light so I picked up an RGB strip from my fix and I hooked it up to my smart phone and I can essentially change the colors and the intensity straight through my smart phone which was really cool I like to keep it on red obviously to keep the color scheme consistent but if I'm writing a script or trying to focus in a productive mode I like to change the colors to like purple or light green turquoise just calming soothing colors like that so you can't just get in the mood of writing scripts because I hate writing scripts for my videos a few other things come on this way DRA Gon's little brother I hooked them up in the front here sorry dragon he's just kind of chillin here in front of the case I don't know what his purpose is behind my case I attached a headphone anger and my Hesh 3 wireless headphones are pretty much hanging from here the reason why I hooked that up on this side is so it's not visible and then if I'm on the move I can just grab it and then leave these are pretty much the only Bluetooth headphones that I use currently and I hook this up to my smart phone when I'm playing mobile legends it does have a mic built-in so we get on this cord and we talk every place oh yeah solid pair of headphones I think I did a video on these over a year ago and since then I've been using it but yeah that's what the that's the purpose of those and that's been at least I added the mural painting on the wall I wanted something that obviously contributed to the color scheme but also nothing too specific I didn't want like superhero characters for example like Deadpool I wanted something like abstract so I looked up some abstract painting and this caught my eye it just looks really cool and I think really just is the icing on the cake but let me know what you guys think I promote wraps up my setup - or 2018 I hope you guys enjoyed it let me know in the comments section what you guys think of my setup and let me know if there's anything you guys would like to see me change or some things you don't agree with let me know everything in the comments also don't forget to rate it out of ten one being a potato set up ten being a an awesome setup I guess I don't know anyways I love you guys thank you so much anything mentioned in this video will be linked below I will see you in the next video peace
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