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My Water Cooling Journey Continues - Part 4

what's ambassador from Texas and welcome to part 4 of my water-cooling journey it's been a bumpy start but I learned a lot and I think what really set me back a week was a paint but good news is I finally got the paint and I resprayed everything and it looks so much better so check that out guys this yellow is so much better than before and it actually matches with the RAM sticks and the cables of course which I'll show you guys later and also the coolant the coolant is going to be very similar to this if not it's going to be pretty much identical so let's go and get some progress done with this build guys I'm gonna put together the brackets on the GPU or put back the CPU block brackets and then finally work on the rest of the build I'm going to put on the radiators see if you can do the pump in this video so yeah lots to do guys let's go and start cracking and there we have it guys we are finally back on track so much better than before our FBI has watched episode one I think was episode two was like basically pitch-black the only yellow where the RAM sticks but now we have a little more yellow in the build of course you got the CPU block bracket thumb screws that's the leverage and someone is calling me and of course we got the back as well which came out beautifully overall I'm definitely liking the way this build is going so it's going to put on the fans on the radiators maybe we get the pump going and then continue on with this build all right so the big radiator is going to be mounted on the top here like this actually so that way I can run the tube from here straight to the CPU add the CPU to the GPU and then run the tubing down here to the reservoir and of course back to this radiator another phone call ok so yeah and this one is going to go on this side I just don't know if it's going to go this way or the other way because you can choose which side the hole is so I don't think it really matters too much actually probably I probably put this on that side simply flip this over I just don't want to put anything on it yet or tighten it because I might have to change things up a bit but that side is definitely correct so I guess it's good and start mounting the fans on there and then mount this to the case put on this thing over here and then yeah see what happens for watching all right so here is our first problem so because I had to put these on the top here the top portion of the case does not sit flush as you guys can see there is a gap the thumb screw on here is pretty much blocking this entire bracket to sit flush with the radiator as you guys can see so I'm gonna have to I guess deal with it there's no other way around it if I'm going to mount this on the top of the case there is no other way around there so I'm at the tighten other sides and see what happens I keep like we don't know where it came from they can't imagine where it goes so surprisingly I managed to make it work there's maybe about a centimeter gap between the bracket and the radiator on abs can tell which is fine it's not only going to be noticeable and it's not going to prevent the rater than from being mounted at the top so it's going to put this back on the case and work on the other side houston we have another problem so apparently this part sticking out as you guys can see is not good at all this part is pushing against the case and it's not letting me align the holes near the top that makes any sense but this part is basically pushing this entire piece to the right and the holes over here are not aligning with the holes on the case so I don't know what to do I just think this radiator is maybe the design I feel like it's the right size but I feel like the way they designed it you know going like this slanting is not compatible with this case so there's only two options or three options actually first option is obviously order a different radiator that it doesn't have something like this sticking out if it's it flush if it sits flush with this bracket here it would have been hundred percent fine the fact that sticking out like this is not going to work with this case option two I scratch the build and work on a different case which obviously don't want to do and then your option three which basically hug the PC and jump off a bridge with it because honestly this is like frustrating alright guys so this is what I have done for today I would say I'm at least 50% done with a build so I've done a lot of progress today I just wish that the rater fit on the top I would have pretty much been done with the first half and then the next step would be well I start to do the reservoir of course and then figure out how I'm gonna be looping this as you guys can see the colors are actually going together much better much better than before then the previous yellow yellow so I'm very excited about that can I just can't wait to see how this whole thing goes together especially with the coolant and the LED lights so I think it's gonna look really sick guys let me know if you guys enjoy the build logs so far if you guys are enjoying this color scheme let me know if you guys have any feedback down below in the comment section as always if you guys enjoy my build logs be sure to leave a like to show your support and I'll see you guys in the next video you
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