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Mysterious Intel Master System Unboxing!

what's up guys it's ed and welcome to an interesting unboxing experience here on Tech source on the table we have some goodies as you can tell we have when the latest generation Z 170 motherboards from Asus some vdr for ram from corsair with a new airflow feature and lastly this mysterious box from Intel which I have no idea what's inside so just out of curiosity let's go ahead and start with the mysterious Intel Box Master System it looks like a retro themed box something straight out of the 80s on the side of the box it appears to have some of the games highlighted and it really reminds me of the time where I got my first original Nintendo system I specially like the last game office hero sometimes the best way to unwind after a day at the office his with a day at the office I gotta say that Intel has a sense of humor alright so let's go ahead and continue on with the unboxing opening up the flap we are greeted with the Master System that's a plastic cover with a wooden style finish for the base it appears to have two latches on the front and popping those open we are immediately greeted with some sort of a control panel with a message that says experience what's inside until has definitely put some thought into this it appears to be some sort of a puzzle we're hitting the right notes will unlock the cover it will display which notes aren't correct by lighting it up in red and after many attempts I finally managed to get it right so there it is ladies and gentleman laying neatly inside one of the newest generation Intel Core processors popping this tiny box open we are greeted by the one and only i7 6700 K processor and is surprisingly smaller than I would have imagined this is a quad core LGA 1151 socket CPU with a clock speed of 4.0 gigahertz that features an integrated HD graphics 530 chip the processor will also give you up to 16 PCIe lanes but I'm definitely curious how well overclocks and I might be doing a build with it soon but for those of you that are interested in checking out the processor for yourself I'll go and drop it link down below so there appears to be a second layer underneath until has also included their amazing 750 SSDs which is a PCIe based solid-state drive and you can get speeds of up to 2200 read and 900 write that's insane let's go ahead and move on to the other two parts I received starting off with the RAM sticks so this is the new Corsair Vengeance airflow ddr4 Ram sticks and we have four sticks of four gigabyte each with a memory clock speed of 32 hundred megahertz opening up the boxes we can see the included fans and the sticks of RAM these are extremely fast Ram sticks and I cannot wait to test them out so underneath the flap are two additional colored brackets that you can install if you want to go with a color to match your build and we do have blue and silver with the red already installed by default so the idea behind this fan is to cool your RAM sticks for extreme overclocking and I'll go ahead and show you what it looks like when it's installed later in this video last but not least we have the amazing asus z170 deluxe motherboard the latest generation boards compatible with the new six generation skylake processors this motherboard comes with a ton of awesome features like five-way optimization turbo land crystal sound 3 and more but if you guys want to see a full review of this board be sure to let me know in the comments section so this motherboard has 4 RAM slots that supports up to 64 gigabytes of ddr4 memory on a dual channel with speeds of up to 34 66 megahertz it also features 3 PCI Express 3.0 slots and 4 pcie 2.0 slots for the i/o the motherboard features a total of 8 USB port so the combination of USB type-c 3.0 and below along with an HDMI IN DisplayPort in terms of SATA ports you a total of eight but that's basically it for the overview of the motherboard so besides the amazing features the board itself looks stunning with the white IO covers and it will definitely go well with any setup by the way this is what the Vengeance airflow Ram sticks would look like with the fan installed it definitely adds a unique look to your build but if you don't plan on overclocking the memory then you don't need to use it but anyways that's it for the unboxing and overview if you guys want to see a PC build with these parts then be sure to smash that like button and I'll get started on it right away as I mentioned before if you guys want info on pricing and availability on the Intel processors then you should check out the link down below but anyways thanks again for watching I will see you in the next video you
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