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Mystery Box from INTEL!

what's up guys it's ad from tech source that so lame what's up guys it's ad from Texas and today we have a different type of video as you can see I have a massive box in front of me which I have no idea what's inside all I know is that it's from Intel and honestly I'm hoping that it's their new 69 50 x10 core processor so let's go to unbox this and find out and I don't have my knife already alright so let's go ahead and open this up and this is definitely something new I'm doing on the channel so let me know if this is something you guys enjoy watching of this style of unboxings is something you fancy if so let me know in the comments down below alright let's keep going this box is pretty beat-up so we have a bunch of these popcorn things in here and it appears to be a backpack let's get this out of here see what's the Sun I mean there's something else down here nope nothing else all right so this is what was inside the entire box a backpack that says extreme rig challenge and it's like a little envelope attached to it that says classified let's go to open gonna open this up and see what it's all about so we got a little note here Department of Strategic Services agent you have been activated at this morning blah blah blah until us equip them with key ingredients to start including the new Intel Core i7 processor Extreme Edition and the intel SSD 750 series obviously I'm not gonna read the rest of it you guys can pause the video and check it out I'm gonna gonna put this to the side and open this up and see what's inside here they're pretty cool looking backpack ow I may use this for a CES you never know alright so on the top there is this flashlights oh alright put that way oh look at that sweet looking knife which may be my new unboxing knife this thing's actually pretty beat-up so I may have to replace it this looks pretty sweet let me see if I can open it up oh there we go uh yeah pretty dinky looking knife actually this looks way more badass but let me know what you guys think of which knife I should continue using this is actually isn't that sharp and some pliers check this out guys this is like an all-in-one Swiss Army knife so yeah definitely uh this can definitely come in handy check the top well I wasn't even open that way oh yes so we got a few things here and see we have a lighter I don't I don't smoke and tell what is this and we have a looks like a USB cable some sort a micro USB cable for something to charge my lighter whoa what is this this is a freaking taser whoa no hell no I'm not I'm not gonna be dazing myself on camera actually if this video gets 10,000 likes I will tase myself with this and one of my setup was video so you should be interesting sorry zippers all right nothing there so this looks like a water bottle extreme challenge very nice let's check out inside got some manuals and some paperwork pretty cool look in the bottle over here alright it's gonna open this up and oh yeah we got a wait a copy of tom whoa Tom Clancy's Rainbow six siege of the PC definitely try to give this a shot we got a pass all-access PAX Prime pass from September 1st to September 5th so I definitely be going oh it includes airfare hotel and conference take a look at that thank you guys what else is in here it looks like nothing else all right let's move on to the main compartments of the backpack whoa a lot of stuff in here so I guess we can check this I don't know what this is it looks like a battery charger of some sort and get a pair of headphones from cave these look pretty sweet the worldcat cave xtd headphones the very light headphones I'm curious about the build quality alright so let's put that aside and check out this final thing there is no processor oh well maybe next time it looks like we have a pretty cool shirt Xtreme rig challenge which honestly looks a little too large for me but very cool shirt and I've got this little thing here so basically Intel gave 12 system builders ingredients needed to create the ultimate gaming rig they also got Intel's i7 69 50x processor which is the first 10 core desktop processor with 20 threads this is an overclockable processor and you get up to 40 lanes of PCI so there's another one for Intel's enthusiast series so that's pretty much it yeah there's no processor or any SSDs in here but we got a bunch of cool stuff and the backpack itself is pretty dope so thank you guys so much for setting this out to me and thank you so much for watching if you guys enjoy this type of video make sure to leave a like and I'll leave a link down below if you guys want to check out the extreme rig challenge that's going on you guys can follow the contest and even enter to win a rig at the link provided down below so there are basically twelve system builders which will compete for your vote and you guys get to decide which top seven teams get to go to pax prime to unveil their rigs in the fall you guys can vote by sharing your favorite team on Twitter with the hashtag Intel rig challenge and you guys can vote up to one time per day through September 3rd and each vote earns you guys a chance to win one of the seven final rigs which will be raffled off of PAX Prime so that's basically thank you guys so much again for watching and I will see you in the next video
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