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NEW LG 5K Ultrawide Monitor + LG gram and LG 4K Projector

our coverage for CES 2018 is made possible by deep cool and MSI right now there's an awesome giveaway on the new msi optics curved gaming monitor and all you have to do to enter is drop a like and leave a comment down below on what you enjoyed about today's video you can increase your chances of winning by leaving a like and comment on every single CES video throughout this week on tech source every year I look forward to checking out the LG booth at CES because they continue to innovate and release new and exciting products well this year was no different they have an entirely new monitor lineup that I'm excited to talk about as well as a new 4k projector which we will take a look at later in this video so on the productivity side we have several monitors I got announced the most exciting and personally my favorite is their new 5k ultrawide monitor it sports their new nano IPS display which provides excellent viewing angles and vibrant colors combined with the insane 50 120 by 2160 resolution and you get extremely crisp and beautiful images the monitor also features dual five watt speakers Thunderbolt 3 support and an HDR pro DCI p3 98% color gamut which basically is another way of measuring the color accuracy to simplify it a bit more you will get over 100% srgb so this monitor is perfect for productivity and color sensitive work LG has also slightly changed the base design they still stuck with the usual silver accent colors but tweaked it a little bit also it is basic compatible so it can be mounted against a wall or a desk mount if you guys remembered a member view of the 34 UC 89 G gaming monitor from LG I wasn't quite happy with aspects and I specifically asked for a higher resolution and gsync well I'm happy to say that LG has listened to us all and gave us just that the 34 GK 950 G is a 34 inch ultra wide curved gaming monitor with a 34 40 by 1440 P display with g-sync and 820 Hertz for a fresh wait who wants overclocked you get the same DCI p3 98% white color gamut and the nano IPS display just like the 5k ultra wide another cool feature of the ultra wide gaming monitor is LG's new sphere lighting which is basically a ring of RGB lights on back of the monitor which you guys can change within their menu I think this is very cool because if you have the monitor against the wall it will give off a nice glow effect so it's basically meant to replace RGB strips another monitor they announced at CES was a thirty one point five inch 4k monitor with daisy chaining technology now this is for the productivity side and it basically has the same specs as the 5k monitor with the addition of an extra Thunderbolt three port that supports 4k daisy-chaining you get the same wide color gamut HDR pro over 100% srgb and built-in dual five watt speakers there are no prices for the monitors as of yet they're expected to be available in quarter two of this year however guests can expect a full review of both of the ultra wide monitors on the channel so make sure you are subscribed LG has also refreshed they're gram lineup for 2018 and a lot of you guys know that the gram is my favorite laptop because it was featured in 2017 favorite tech of the year and I actually take it with me everywhere I go in fact I took it with me to see as 2018 so I was excited to hear that they actually released new models three different sizes and either white or gray through that the 13.3 inch which is the smallest form factor a 14 inch and their biggest 15.6 inch laptop all weighing under a kilogram with the exception of the 15.6 inch laptop weighing just over that the new gram laptops will come packed with a 72 watt hour battery which charges completely in three hours the 13 inch laptop also gets you around 22 and a half hours of use compared to the previous 13 inch laptop that lasts only 18 hours the Graham lineup will also ship with 8th gen processors and ddr4 memory which LG is claiming to be 40% and 50% faster respectively for storage the Z 980 comes with an SSD however it does have space to add an additional SSD to expand the storage space and LG is claiming that this is the only place you'll find this option available amongst other slim laptops I personally hate when companies would put the webcam near the bottom on the actual hinge of the laptop because the angle is very awkward and I get that they do that to keep the bezels very thin on a display but LG has actually managed to move the webcam back to the top while main painting very thin bezels another new feature on the Z 980 is the fingerprint reader which is very welcomed you no longer need to type in your password to access windows and finally the last feature is the Thunderbolt 3 support which can not only be used to charge a laptop or charge other devices but you can also connect to 4k displays or a single 5k display no current prices on the Graham lineup however they are expected to get launched in February this year the last thing I want to talk about is LG's new 4k projector it supports HDR 10 and it can expand up to 150 inches and let me tell you guys it looks so much better in person and as a 2500 lumen laser illumination system which is expected to last up to 20,000 hours of use I think the cool part about the projector is that the image quality is so crisp and bright that even when the lights turned on the quality didn't get affected it also has bluetooth built-in so you can use it to connect to other Bluetooth devices such as speakers it does come with a handle making it easy to carry around and you can actually lay it flat on its side or mount it against your wall the fact that it comes with an automatic retractable cable makes it that much more convenient when traveling or storing it away no prices as of yet but it's expected to launch sometime in March but that pretty much does it for this video let me know in the comments section which product you guys are most excited about from the LG booth and as always make sure you subscribe for 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