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NEW PRIZE for SetupWars - 34" Ultrawide Monitor

how's it going guys is that from Texas and I have some really exciting news to share with you guys so on Twitter about a month ago I posted something saying that it's going to be a new prize for setup words well after a few months later LG has finally reached out and decided to sponsor set up oars what that means is basically the winner of setup Wars will now receive a brand-new 34 inch ultra wide curved monitor yeah it's basically the one I've been using this past few months on the channel they'll be giving the winner of setup or is a brand-new ultralight monitor starting at the end of August this is part of the ultra wide festival 2015 dream setup campaign that LG is running and it's going to be starting sometime in September but more details will follow as we approach that month so I strongly encourage you guys to follow me on Twitter because that is where i'm going to be posting all of the updates all right so starting august 31st is the very first episode of the sponsored set up voice video and they're gonna be sponsoring four episodes for now which means that for people will have a chance to win an ultra-wide curb monitor and if that changes I'll go ahead and update that on my Twitter everything else stays the same I will continue to do setup Wars every Monday as scheduled if you guys already submitted your desk set up do not resubmit your setup otherwise you will get disqualified I will randomly select who gets to participate on the sponsored videos that way it's fair for everyone so August 31st is the first sponsored episode of setup Wars follow me on Twitter for all the important updates and lastly tell your friends and family about this opportunity because it is only for a limited time that's basically it thank you guys so much for watching if you guys any questions you can find me on Twitter or you can drop in comments down below and a best of luck to whoever enters I will see you guys in the next video
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