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NEW Revolutionary OUYA CONSOLE Unboxing + Giveaway!

what's up guys Texans back here with another giveaway this is a new console just released it's called weeow so we're gonna do an unboxing and a giveaway on this so let's get started so this is a gaming console pronounced Booya and retails for $99 how this works is you hook this up to your TV and you can play games that are available from the Android Market and there are even games exclusively available only on the ouya this video will only be a quick unboxing and later we will put up a review for the system and go over some popular games on it all right so let's take a look at the side of the box and check out some specs this case is made out of sandblasted aluminum and plastic for the CPU they got NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad core they have one gigabyte of memory eight gigabytes of internal flash storage which can be expanded if you use your own flash drive it does support Wi-Fi it has a USB 2.0 and a micro USB port and this little guy even has an HDMI port for 1080p quality all right so let's get this unboxed so this console is currently running Android 4.1 jelly bean and what's so unique about this system is that you can even create your own games another great thing about this system is that all games come with a free demo so you can test it out before purchasing it now with that being said there are also games that are free but have in-game purchases like coins and such so when you open the box you get something saying and so begins the revolution I personally don't think it's going to revolutionize anything but moving on first up we got the controller nothing fancy here as you can see it has the basic functions like most controllers it has the four trigger buttons to being on each side it has two analog sticks a d-pad four buttons on the right side with each of them spelling out the consoles name which is pretty cool and honestly it all comes down to comfort when designing a controller now I don't know about you guys but this does look a lot like the Xbox controller if they position the console button on the top it would be identical moving right along we have the console right here as you can see it's small enough to fit right in your palm making it really convenient to take it anywhere you go and it's just so simple to set up making it great for almost all ages you have all your connections on one side giving you an easy access to set things up and this device actually gets really hot just after an hour of you so when you are playing with this make sure it's in a wide open area where it's nicely ventilated and this side here is actually the side that faces the ceiling with the power button being in the middle a quick tap turns it on while holding it down turns it off and you can also use the controller to do this okay back to the unboxing there's actually more stuff behind this in a secret compartment the box being this small makes it really convenient to carry it around wherever you go so here you see the power cord and honestly I'm not happy with the length of it though they could have made it just a bit longer but the person who wins this will have to deal with it it also comes with two double-a batteries for the controller I wish they would have made a chargeable but once again I am NOT a designer and here they were nice enough to include an HDMI cable once again really short it could cause problems for TVs that are mounted against walls like - and last but not least very down there you have some warranty information on the ouya so make sure you guys will quick where the batteries on the controller go for those wondering there are two face plates on each side of the controller you have to remove in order to gain access to the battery tray despite how it looks it's really easy to remove and it even comes with these straps already installed making it really easy to remove the batteries and replacing them with new ones when the time comes overall I think the OEO is a great system to have on the side with its lightweight compact size and so many games to choose from the Android Market as well as the price being only $99 this makes the ideal gift I'm going to show you guys a few popular demos real quick just so you can get an idea of how the games look on this console so this first game is called the boards and as a survival game where you're basically the spaceship trying to survive and your weapon is music you lose once the green health bar is completely gone and it's really what an amazing it sounds better so this next one is called chrono blade and it's like a cross between Diablo 3 in God of War you have your health and mana bars and you use combos to take down waves of enemies I enjoyed cleaning this one actually was pretty fun so does last one it's called vector and it's a parkour inspired game it's really fun and throughout the game your lot more levels and stunts and it gets just a lot more interesting so that's it for the unboxing thank you guys so much for watching if you guys want to enter for a chance to win the Ouya all you have to do is subscribe comment and like this video and comment on our Facebook post about this video once the video reaches 1500 likes I will announce the winner on our Facebook page that will do it for today this is the text source and I'll see you guys next time you
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