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NEW Water Cooling parts from Alphacool | CES 2017

huge thanks to D brand n MSI for sponsoring our trip to CES 2017 if you're looking to spice up your device with the best skins out there then the brand is where it's at not only do they provide the most precise fit out there but they offer a variety of colors and materials to choose from for tons of products out there if you guys are interested in spicing up your device make sure to visit them by clicking on the link below well so guys it's a from tech source and we are here at the Alpha cool suite here at CES as you guys know my first water-cooled build on the channel is sponsored by alpha cool and using their parts so I'm joined here by Eddie's going to be going over some really cool products from Alpha cool that are coming out in 2017 so shells what you got what is new this year will be the ice want that's the external radiator okay I could see it here there are inside six fans three sixty millimeter radiator blue copper whereas a vast inside you have two thumbs inside so if one pump maybe make some problems sometimes also got a backup and yeah it's a complete set with a CPU cooler with tubes with quick-release fittings with everything you need to to cool the CPU and of course it can later add like a bu cooler too we have the ice wolves that's the new VP cooler serious as on a Mon solution so you can get a birthing radiator out back to the CPU i/o and you can mount us all that quick realistic settings easily with the icebound and maybe the ice beer or CPU are you okay and the idea behind that is to show the people how easy it is to build the complete water quality because the most people are well you know not experience that yeah water water and electronics is what's currently on some people and so we make a musical note well sing the most know this weirdo yeah so what I'm actually using in my because the one I was using before I think it was something like that didn't fit so they won't send me this one a little very different because the only idea was that we have if you put it on the front maybe it's easier to yeah the top and the bottom that's a big CPU out special thing is we have a lot of different radial sizes we have 120 millimeter we have 242 and 80 360 we will have on the near future 140 and 180 millimeter radiator and like the Ice Bowl you know if you're rediscovering oh so it's easy to extend complete loop to the edge of something else and yeah you can feel it man oh okay so I mean normally if you if you connect the I smooth you connect three food radiators which we offer - yeah well we're very good cooling performance you can a lot of these videos okay that's my challenge yeah okay okay what we have here is our new d5 pump it's not from the typical d5 pump it's a complete all creation the top is from aluminium it's one centimeter shorter that's normal t5 you can control it over like you know on the normal t5 pump or the table or over PVM and the great new thing is if you put the coop maybe on level three and you controlled over ppm you can't get a higher rpm then our level three so you can only regulate ppm from one up to three and not higher you can't put off that aluminum top you can cut it so it's special and perfect for models then we have the new expects ice blocks on NewsView cool we will have different tools for you can change them easily red blue white chrome and maybe later other colors or you can paint it by yourself and we will have tops without cut out for our levels so you can have gravy for your name or for your company or whatever and the best thing is it's in the moment the best water cooling CPU cool on the market you can show internet you will find a few reviews about it and every review we have the best performance the next thing is our isolation that's not LED strip it's like from your monitor the backlighting it's the same technique so you can have a great smooth illumination in your case and that's you will not have that lighting points with LEDs and yeah well it's from aluminum here you have some screw holes so we have some small screws you can screw them in with a magnetic so you can put it in your case where you want and we have a glue tape for the backside so you can put it in your case we wanted to and last thing is that's very important for us that's industrial radiator all of our radiators are full couple so things are talked about all water parts are from Kappa yeah you can see it here the only thing is probably many other side pallets but all other parts are completely full Kabam is the only brand worldwide with a complete full coverage of the most tab and when your friends or they're using steel for the channels or both ends are completely free from brass and a from copper yeah that's our new graphic card for the Sierra and if you can see the PCB you can't see the PCB because society and on the back is completely closed you will have different colors like you can see red silver and chrome and we have specially caps for there's the e connectors so if you do not use them you can close them do not see them and if you use like to use them and you can see using can put them off and yeah I hope you like it as always think guys so much for watching make sure you guys stick around for more CES coverage this year
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