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New 2013 13" Macbook Air Unboxing/Overview + Giveaway!

what's up guys text Ross over here and today I'm gonna look at the new MacBook Air just released by Apple Apple just released two of their MacBook Airs we're looking at the 13-inch base model which starts at 1099 and there's also an 11 inch model release starting at $9.99 okay while I'm unboxing the MacBook Air I'm gonna go over some changes they made compared to the previous models I'll start off with a battery life so with the new MacBook Air sporting Intel's fourth generation CPU it boosts major battery improvements over last year's model the new 13-inch MacBook Air actually increased the battery life from seven to twelve hours up to ten hours of video playback and can be in standby mode for over thirty days and a full charge which is pretty impressive so this base model has 128 gigabytes of storage space for gigabytes of RAM and 1.3 gigahertz dual-core Intel Core i5 processors okay so let's continue on with unboxing for now I'm gonna put the MacBook aside and check out everything else that's inside the box so first up this looks like where the manual and warranty information would go so let's go and open this up and check it out first thing you see are two Apple stickers then you have a Quick Start Guide showing you the basic functions of the MacBook and you have your warranty information of course so enough of that nonsense let's move on and see what else these are this appears to be the wall charger and there are actually two different kinds and sizes this one is the basic to plug charger which you can fold up and appears to have a removable slot to add an extension to and this one here is the extension for those of you that need a much longer cable in order to plug it in this is the part that you need to insert into the removable slot to make it happen so this is all connected to the left side of the macbook with this small two-sided magnetic connector so this MacBook Air actually has new Wi-Fi improvements the MacBook Air now supports 802.11 AC Wi-Fi allowing for wireless performance up to three times faster than 802 11 and along with the speed improvements this macbook improves the overall strength and range of the Wi-Fi signal so along with the processors the macbook also comes in a new intel HD graphics 5000 and can offer speeds up to 40% faster than last gen models going with the whole faster thing Apple also decided to throw in an all flash storage that offers speed improvements over last year's flash storage for up to 45% display wise the MacBook Air comes with an LED display with a resolution of 1440 by 900 along with a HD 720p camera on the top therefore FaceTime calls and more okay so let's take a look at the left side of the Mac you have a Mac safe - connection which is where you plug in and charge your macbook you have a USB 3.0 port a headphone jack and you have dual mics allowing for background noise to be reduced so on the right side of the macbook there are a total of three slots there is an SDXC card slot another USB 3 port and a thunderbolt port now I'm sure you notice that there is no CD tray and that's a slight negative for some people I'm sure but because of the media today you can download almost anything straight from the internet making CD trays obsolete so that's if an unboxing thank you so much for watching if you guys want a chance to win this amazing MacBook all you have to do is sub like and comment on a video since this is a big giveaway it won't be unlocked until it reaches 1,000 likes once it reaches 1,000 I will automatically end the giveaway and pick out one lucky winner from the comments section good luck to everyone this is the tech source and I'll see you next time
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