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New Nexus 7 Unboxing + Giveaway! [2013 Google Nexus 7]

what's up guys welcome back to another unboxing / give away from the tech stores today we're going to be looking at the brand new Nexus 7 from google we went ahead and picked up a 16 gig model you see here which goes for 229 and if that's not enough space for you you can buy a 32 gig version for only forty dollars more now these are the standard versions which connect to the internet via Wi-Fi only however there are also LTE versions of this tablet which are not yet released I also included some links below on where you can find them for those of you that are interested so let's continue on with unboxing you can really see how nice the tablet looks it's really narrow making it really convenient for you to hold in one hand but before I get into more details let's see what else is in the box first up you got your usual warranty and safety information you have one in English and one in Spanish then you will find a small guide on how to use the Nexus 7 and here is the USB cable needed to charge the device of course i buttered up so you guys can get a closer look i'm not sure why it's pretty standard for the most part and lastly you have your power brick again nothing special here so let's go ahead and put this down and take a closer look at the Nexus 7 while I'm taking it out of this plastic I noticed how smooth the back looks but before we boot it up let's take a closer look at the sides and see where everything is located at looking on the right side you will find your microphone volume controls power button along with your 5 megapixel rear facing camera moving along to the top and you will see your speakers along with a headphone jack and on the bottom of the tablet you will also find speakers along with your micro USB port flipping the tablet over on its back you can see the 1.2 megapixel front facing camera along with a light sensor just slightly above it when you first start up your Nexus 7 you will be required to update it with the newest software of course but other than that you are ready to go overall I'm impressed what I really like about this nexus 7 is how narrow it is you can see it how it fits comfortably in my hand I also like the material it's made out of it feels nice new hands the screen isn't too big I think it's the perfect length with an aspect ratio of 1610 a lot of people prefer bigger screens like the iPad Mini but i prefer am comfortable size rather than a bigger screen but that's just me I didn't go over the specs for this tablet for the sake of time this is just an unboxing video for the giveaway we are however working on a quick review for this tablet which will be up in a few days so you can definitely check that out once it's up here at the tech source we go straight to the point and waste no time that's why all our videos are less than five minutes for the most part and that goes the same for our reviews for all the devices that we do well that will do it for the unboxing once again thanks for watching if you want to win this amazing tablet all you have to do is subscribe leave a comment on the video and like the video in order to qualify I will announce the winner on august seventeenth on my Facebook page the link is in the description below this is the text source and we'll see you guys next time you
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