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New Years Giveaway Special! (Google Pixel + PC GEAR)

what's up guys it's a from Texas and 2016 is nearly over and it's actually been the best year on tech source because of you guys I'm all your likes your comments your dislikes sharing the videos and all that stuff you made 2016 the best year for Texas I just want to thank you guys I was actually looking at the stats the other day and I was completely blown away that we were able to achieve these numbers in such a short time and because of that I want to show my appreciation and I want to thank you guys for your amazing support so I want to do this little giveaway for you guys so this time I'll be giving away Google pixel and five different prizes that are worth a hundred dollars each so I could be either processors or GPUs or just other gaming gear just like last time you guys get to pick what you want to enter for and its really simple all you have to do is download the nice app which I'll have a link down below and like the products you guys want to enter the giveaway for liking the product on the app actually puts it on your wish list and from that I can actually randomly select five people and announce the winner is within the app as well the giveaway will end on January 10th so make sure you guys do this before hand and I will also select the winners within the app so six random individuals will be selected and they'll be notified within the app based on what items you add on your wish list so make sure you guys have push notifications enabled within the app if you want to get notified and I know a lot you guys already know what the app is about but for those of you who are just joining in nice is a great app that lets you watch videos while browsing products at the same time it even allows you to save stuff to your wish list it's essentially a fusion between YouTube and Amazon riaz Commission we watch videos and check out the products within the same platform the best part is that it's completely free you guys don't have to pay for anything on the app but anyways more if it will be linked down below if you guys want to check it out thank you so much again for your continued support I can't wait to show you with 2017 has in store for you guys thank you so much and I'll see you in the next video
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