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Nexus 6P Review - 2 Months Later

what's up guys it's ed back again with tech source and today I'm gonna be talking about the Nexus 6p the Nexus phones have always been just okay they've never been great I mean sure they always ran the latest version of Android but something was always lacking either from the build quality the camera quality or just from the specs inside the phone and I'm happy to say we finally have a nexus film that isn't just okay it's great so I'm going to do something different in this video and talk about the negatives first just because there are so little we might as well just get them out of the way the first negative is that the 6p does not have micro SD card support but we all expected this from Google's past and HI micro SD card stands but the good news here is that you can get the version that has 128 gigabytes of storage with the base model starting at 32 gigabytes the second negative is well hey Bob give any more negatives about the Nexus 6p well that seems about right because honestly you'll be hard stretch to find anything else wrong or disappointing about this device the materials Huawei used to craft this Nexus phone makes for an excellent build from the feel all the way to the look finally owning a nexus phone also means you own a premium handset with a contoured aluminum body this thing feels great in the hand the only thing is that it could get slippery at times so I slapped a skin on here to add some more grip and give this phone a little more style I will leave a link down below if you guys want to check out some skins for yourselves it seems like Google really paid attention to the smaller details in this phone for example I like how the upper back is slightly raised to make room for the internals instead of how some other manufacturers do it by only raising the camera module this way it's a lot more seamless and when pulling this thing out of my pocket I find myself using that bulge to pull out the Nexus in the right direction with my finger ready on the fingerprint scanner which by the way is super quick and super accurate it's on par with pretty much every other good Android fingerprint scanner out there and the cool thing here is you don't have to hit the wake button in order for it to start working if the scanner reads a finger that it doesn't recognize it will vibrate twice letting the user know to try another fitting and if it does recognize the fingerprint it will vibrate once as it unlocks your device so by the time I take this thing out of my pocket I'm ready to go already on my lockscreen the front of the display is flanked by two front-facing stereo speakers which are amazing and honestly they're comparable to the speaker's even on the HTC One m9 and makes this device great for consuming media from watching movies playing games or even listening to music these speakers really shine he also get extremely loud which is great now my friends can hear the audio from those cat videos I show them at parties the AMOLED display on the 6p is great as we've come to expect from flagship phones these days on paper is the same display that was on the Nexus 6 last year but this one is a tad bit better in a few ways first it gets brighter which makes using this phone and bright rooms much easier that coupled with the better viewing angles make the visual aspect of media consumption on this phone great the colors still pop like a mo let's all do but not as drastically as the Nexus 6 did last year which is a welcome change as the screen is more accurate now pushing all these pixels is a Snapdragon 810 processor and Adreno 430 GPU and 3 gigabytes of RAM and there's also a 34 50 milliamp battery here and as you would expect there isn't any lag on this phone I mean the apps would occasionally crash and the homescreen would hang sometimes but other than those hiccups I've experienced zero lag this thing also handles gaming like a boss and if mobile gaming is your thing then this should be your next toy the battery life is also really good now I'm a heavy user and as much as I tried I couldn't get this thing to die out on me before the end of the day I will typically get four hours of on screen time which is great and that coupled with Android Em's new DOS feature which puts the phone into a sleep state and you guys can actually see when it kicked in through the battery settings menu it's comparable to how the iPhone saves battery where I can go into sleep with 40% battery and wake up with only 38% still left where before Android M it would drain all the way down to 20% this software optimization implemented throughout the day makes for outstanding battery life let's not forget about this phones quick charging which gave me around 65% battery in about 40 minutes it's also a good time to mention it uses USB to charge up being a nexus of course this phone comes with Google's latest software which for now is Android M or marshmallow depending on how you look at it this brings in a lot of new things but the most notable being now on tap and more control over the security of your device now on tap anticipates what you need in the moment by simply holding down the home button and the phone will scan what you're looking at and present you with what it thinks is useful information there are of course bugs with this being the first release of this feature but when it does work it's awesome we're not going to dive deep into Android M as that deserves a video by itself but we can sum it up by saying that this is the best most well put-together version of Android today now let's talk about the camera this has always been a sore point for Nexus phones but I'm really happy to report that after continued use this camera can hold its own - all of the big dogs out there the note 5 still does hold a crown for Android cameras but this isn't far behind it's twelve point three megapixel Sony sensor takes some incredible pictures and video real quick here's a pro tip leave the HDR on because for some reason it makes every picture you could take on this phone much better the depth of field is great and it performs really well in low light which is where most smart phones struggle it also comes with an 8 megapixel front camera that does a decent job I'll be sure to leave a link to a gallery down below if you guys want to check out some full resolution pictures taken on the Nexus 6p now in terms of video there isn't any optical image stabilization but there is software stabilization which does help with shaky cam there are also options for 120 or 240 slo-mo video which is a very nice feature so wrap things up this is in my eyes the must-have Android phone right now it's hardware is top notch and that being coupled with it being a nexus gives us phone an edge that no other Android phone has and that is enjoy updates this is definitely going to be my daily driver and if anyone out there is looking for a badass Android phone I couldn't recommend anything better and of course let's not forget how it undercuts and price as this phone starts at just $500 which is a steal for what you're getting if you guys enjoyed this video be sure to hit that thumbs up button to show your support and let me know down below if there are any other videos you guys would like to see done with the Nexus 6p thanks again for watching this is that from tech source and now see you in the next video
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