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Nexus 6P vs Galaxy Note 5 - Speed Test + Benchmarks

what's up guys it's at back again with tech source and in this video we're gonna be doing a detailed speed test between the Nexus 6p and the galaxy note 5 for those of you who are new to my speed test videos I basically compare the speeds of both of these phones when it comes to booting up opening up apps and browsing the web and also some multitasking and other benchmarks as well all in the effort to see which one of these two phones is the fastest so without wasting any more time let's begin so before I jump into the speed test let's compare some of the hardware differences between these two phones so the Nexus 6p is powered by a Snapdragon 810 processor and three gigabytes of RAM and the galaxy note 5 is rocking on Exynos 7420 processor with 4 gigabytes of RAM they both also share the same screen resolution so they are on equal playing grounds when it comes to debt both phones are running the latest versions of their software and all apps have been killed in the background they also have been connected to the same Wi-Fi so it all that being said let's start the show with a fresh reboot I hope you guys enjoy the show alright as you saw there the galaxy note5 is pretty much faster in most tests when comparing it to the Nexus 6p but the Nexus did shine in the multitasking test let me know down below if you guys want to see any other devices put up against the Nexus 6p and as always thank you so much for watching if you guys enjoyed a speed test make sure to hit that like button to show your support and I'll see you in the next video
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