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Nokia Lumia 1520 - Unboxing & Overview

hey what is up you guys ed here from Texas and today we're gonna look at Nokia's new Lumia 1520 smartphone this has a six inch 1080p display which makes it the first Nokia to use a 1080p display and the phone is powered by a Snapdragon 800 processor with 2 gigs of RAM unlike other smartphones the Lumias have all their buttons on one side the volume rockers the power button along with the camera button all located on the right side and on the top of the phone you'll find the headphone jack right in the center which actually bothers me a lot I prefer the jack to be on one side of the device and on the other side of the phone you have both the SIM card and SD card slot which means that you can upgrade the memory up to an additional 64 gigabytes of space if needed I believe the best feature on this phone is definitely the camera while the front facing camera sports only a 1.2 megapixel camera the back has a whopping 20 megapixels which is perfect for anyone who likes taking a lot of pictures and wants to be able to zoom in and crop their photos all the way on the bottom of the phone you will also find three which I use for wireless charging along with the phone speakers and a micro USB charging port overall the device feels really nice in my hand I gotta say that I'm a fan of the matte finish which feels really smooth and despite its size it's actually really light although the 1520 may feel comfortable to hold it can't be used with one hand I actually have large hands as you can see here and I still have trouble using the phone I can't reach the top of the screen with my thumb so I have to reposition my entire hand in order to achieve this as I said before the camera is a huge part of the phone so I decided to take a few pictures and compare it to my iPhone 5s right off the bat you can already tell the whites are more accurate on the 15:21 looking at the wall on this outdoor shot however the roles are reversed when taking picture indoors the iPhone 5s does a lot better under unnatural light settings if you take a look at the blacks on here on the table but in natural settings which is where you will most likely be in the 1520 wins hands down the pictures are more colorful and more accurate the overall design is very similar to the other phones in the Lumia lineup being constructed of the same polycarbonate material gives the device a similar feel the Lumia 1520 is the best Windows Phone by far I'm personally not a fan of Windows Phones because of its lacking app ecosystem but Nokia on the other hand makes some fantastic hardware to whoever prefers a simplistic UI that has no lag and it's not a fan of Android or iOS a windows phone is definitely option you should consider so that wraps up the unboxing and overview of the Lumia 1520 let me know what you guys think about the phone in the comment section down below and as always I will see you guys next time
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