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OMEN by HP - Most Powerful and Affordable Gaming Laptop

what's up guys aside from tech stories and today we're going to be taking a look at the omen by HP a powerful yet affordable gaming laptop featuring the nvidia gtx 960 5 m graphics card as gamers we simply cannot accept the integrated graphics chip that comes standard with most laptops we definitely need a dedicated graphics chip and with the gtx 960 5 m you can take your gaming to the next level the HP omen starts at around $900 and you can customize the specs to your liking but the laptop I'm reviewing has an Intel i7 6700 HQ 2.6 gigahertz processor 12 gigs of DDR 4 RAM and one terabyte of hard drive space before we get into the performance of this beast let's take a look around the laptop starting with the build so the top surface has a soft touch rubber coating build quality overall isn't that bad I mean it's made out of plastic so you will get some flex here and there but nothing really negative on the back you will find three rubber feet and some ventilation and near the top is where you can find a detachable battery popping up in the lid we are greeted by a massive 17.3 inch 1080p IPS display with anti-glare coating this means that you get vibrant colors and really great viewing angles so if you're constantly sitting outside Under the Sun or sit next to a window with lots of sunlight in this laptop would be a great choice since there won't be as much glare on the screen now there is a 4k option which I highly recommend getting instead of the 1080p because you do get a brighter screen and the image looks a lot better it only cost about $100 more but you will be getting more value out of the purchase moving on down we have the keyboard and I gotta say it's one of the best keyboards I've ever used on any laptop the keys are nice and large they have very short travel distance and provide great feedback while typing I also love the addition of the numpad I'm someone who just can't use a laptop that doesn't have one included I just wish there was some sort of an LED indicator for when the num lock is pressed I mean there was one for the caps lock but I would I'd love to see one for the num lock as well because often times I just can't tell whether the num lock is on or off the trackpad on the other hand is very responsive and extremely accurate I haven't noticed any lag or skipping just overall a very solid experience with the keyboard and trackpad the entire keyboard is also backlit which is great for anyone that uses laptop in low-light situations on one side with the Kingston Lock both a USB 2 and 3.0 and a headphone jack and then further down the same side we have a DVD drive I haven't seen one of these in ages on the other side you have the charging port Ethernet HDMI and another USB 3 and an SD card slot needless to say this laptop has you covered in terms of ports there's also a front-facing camera now it's only in 720p so pretty standard across most laptops it's definitely not on my priority list when it comes to gaming laptops though the speakers however don't sound terrible I mean it's lacking a little bit on the base end but overall sound much better than other laptops I've used in the past and that's thanks to the Bang & Olufsen audio integration here's a quick sample well at least I won't dialogue well that's just typical alright now let's talk performance and short the HP omen is a beast when it comes to games on doom I was able to get an average FPS of 44 in medium settings now although I could have gotten more in lower settings the frames I was getting didn't really interfere with my gameplay GTA 5 at high settings got me around 76 fps and not once - the game stutter or lag black ops 2 beyond high settings also got some really nice frame rates hovering around 56 fps and as bad as I am in csgo I managed to push out an average of 204 FPS on max settings I did write these two guys pretty good though and finally I ran the benchmark for Metro last light on high settings which gave me an average FPS of 61 on the dot so needless to say you can pretty much play any triple-a title out there giving at you just the settings accordingly the only negative I found while gaming was the fan noise I mean it does get pretty loud so I would strongly suggest playing with some headphones on I also looked at the productivity side I mean just because it's a gaming laptop doesn't mean you can't get work done either so I tried editing a 4k video using Sony Vegas Pro 13 and it didn't even stutter or lag once despite it being maxed out in quality I was able to screw up through the timeline without any problems pretty impressive I also managed to render out a 30 second 4k raw video file in just over seven minutes which is actually faster than most of the desktop PCs that I have built on the channel let me remind you that this is a laptop and finally the battery life it lasted a good 4 hours and 28 minutes from the start to finish on 80% brightness all I did was watch youtube videos non-stop from the beginning to the end so if you spend an hour or two on gaming it would have drained the battery a lot faster and if you only use a laptop for light browsing and typing then you would get more juice out of it somewhere near the six-hour mark in conclusion if you're looking for an affordable and solid gaming laptop that can also handle editing very well then the HP omen has your name written all over it definitely check out the HP omen if you guys are in the market for a gaming or productivity laptop I'll drop a link to it down below I'm going to give you two thanks to HP for sending this in and sponsoring this video as always thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you at next video
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