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Oculus Rift S Unboxing and Hands On!

what's happening guys i'm texas and in this video we're gonna be taking a look at the new vr gaming headset from oculus this is the oculus rift s and they sent us over and sponsored a video so we're gonna go to unbox this set it up and take it for a test drive we're gonna be playing robo recall which is a free game and it's actually very popular a lot of people have been playing it and we're gonna play it on none other than my newly built pc big red which is sitting back there it took a while to build that guys but the time-lapse video is up on the channel in case you missed it i'll drop a link to it down below yeah what that said let's unbox this alright let's slide this off oh that was fairly simple okay so it looks like we've got the headset itself this is actually Wow really light and two controllers inside here we've got a set of two double-a batteries the set-up guide manual and a mini display two full-sized DisplayPort adapter so one of the first things you guys probably noticed is that there are no external sensors that's one of the cool things about the oculus rift as you no longer need to have two or three external sensors set up in the room all the sensors are actually built on the headset itself the oculus rift s uses all the cameras around it to basically figure out where you're standing and what you're doing so yeah the setup process is gonna be a lot easier so it looks like there's one cable it comes out of the headset and splits into a USB 3 cable and a display port cable which plugs directly into your PC and this is actually a lot cleaner and more simple than previous VR headsets you no longer have to plug it in to an external box and then have that plugged into your PC so kudos to oculus so headset has been improved and that was running on a 2560 by 1440 P LCD screen at 80 Hertz it's got improved optics which is going to deliver bright vivid colors and it's supposed to reduce that screen door effect that we always see on VR headsets come with built-in speakers however if you want to plug in your own headset or earphones then you can do so by using the headphone jack located on the left side here obviously not all headphones will fit with the headset because of the size of the ear cups so I do recommend using something smaller like earphones for example so they built this headset with speed in mind they basically want you to put this on and start gaming as soon as possible so they made the old adjustments very convenient there's a knob in the back here which lets you we track the headband there's obviously a strap on the top in case you have a big head and there's one button on the bottom here which brings the entire headband forward or back so yeah it's super simple to adjust that and these are the new controllers these are so tiny and so light like I'm not even oh I think you're supposed to put the battery in here actually maybe I'll add some weight to it so this part of the grip slides down just like this and this is where you insert the battery pop this back on and you're good to go now obviously this means that you can't charge your controllers which is something I prefer because of convenience instead of having to go out and buy new batteries but at the same time if you're in the middle of a game and then the controllers die you can easily pop in a battery and you're good to go you don't have to put this on a charging dock and let it juice up but anyways I'm done blabbing let's set this up and test it out so after following a few simple prompts on the screen the setup is complete and now have the oculus rift s hooked up to my PC current specs we've got the 79 80 X C 18 core processor at 4.5 gigahertz 64 gigs of ram at 3600 megahertz and of course to our TX 28 EP is in sli is it overkill for VR gaming absolutely it is you guys don't need high-end specs to run the oculus rift is actually all you really need is a GTX 1060 or equivalent or higher and again all the minimum requirements will be posted below if you guys want to check it out but so we got the game Robo recall installed let's boot it up and take it for a test drive alright wow this game looks really good actually like the environment is so detailed whoa whoa is that a bullet that was that was pretty sick it was like matrix I think of matrix met an FPS game that's pretty safe Wow you can grab bullets too Oh what that was sick okay I'm digging this game I'm digging it hottest levels huge look at the detail on the cars though I'm not even kidding guys the detail on this game is top-notch Wow they're like reflections in the mirror that's crazy the responsiveness on these controllers are really good look how great the physics is guys you can't even see the clip on this gun that is crazy look at that Wow the physics are definitely next level I'd love a accurate these controllers are not only there's a register every single trigger or button press immediately but it knows exactly what angle I'm holding my guns at I've never seen this level accuracy before oh that is so dope you can bounce the gun off them and then reload it that's sick this is sick are you kidding me that punch what does this do oh my god this is sick go get some babies okay so a few things I noticed while playing with the rift s first of all amazing graphics obviously the higher resolution with the 80 Hertz of fresh rate really made a difference everything just looks so much more crisp the fact that the controllers and the headset are so light makes it that much more easier to move around especially in games like well what we call wear reflex is everything it really does make it that much more enjoyable to play the controllers are really responsive and not only that but the sensors capture every movement I make precisely for example if I'm aiming at a certain angle or moving at a certain speed it knows that and I feel like that's why the physics of the game is so realistic so yeah guys my final thoughts on the oculus rift as if I have to sum everything up and once I would say that I've never had this much fun on a br gaming headset I feel like we're getting a more refined vr gaming experience compared to the others no external sensors to set up in electric cables to plug in and just overall a much easier set up process to get up and running I personally think that this would be the perfect VR system on the go as well all you have to really take with you is just your headset and your controllers if you're going your friends house so you can use their PC or you can bring your laptop or portable system as well and that's pretty much it for my video I hope you guys enjoyed it tossing a like will let me know and if you didn't you guys know what to do I'll drop a link to the oculus rift s below if you guys want to check it out thanks so much for watching as always I will see you guys in the next one
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