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One Plus 5 - One Month Later

thanks to Squarespace for making today's video possible the smartphone space has seen a lot of diverse growth in the past few years and that's great news for consumers we can ask for the latest technologies or go with something a little cheaper like the newly released one plus five oneplus is one of those companies that brings you the bare essentials and packages it very well the oneplus 5 will be the most expensive handset in the company's history starting at $480 the more expensive model I have here costs five hundred forty dollars and it ups the storage from 64 to 128 gigabytes of space and it's RAM from six to eight gigabytes and we're talking ddr4 here we will get more into the performance later but let's start with the hardware when press renders were released the oneplus 5 was remarked as the iPhone clone and for good reason the cameras and the antenna lines are identical and the screen to body ratio is very similar but in the hand the two devices couldn't seem more different the one plus five is seven and a half millimeters thin with rounded corners that conforms to your hand they've kept a lot of the design elements from patched models like the port locations and the alert slider which by the way changes the sound profile to either silent do not disturb or ring the fingerprint reader is not quicker and so far I haven't had any trouble with recognition it's in the same spot also flanked by the back and recent capacitive funds unfortunately this phone doesn't have any water resistance which at its price we would have liked to see the display of the resolution of 1080p and it's AMOLED now this is where a lot of people are swayed from this device and I know surprised the industry standard nowadays is 2k resolution and there's a big PPI difference between these two numbers but in actual usage you won't really notice the difference unless you're holding this side-by-side with something like the galaxy s 8 it does get bright and has great colors and true blacks from being an AMOLED display and thanks to the lower resolution we get better battery life and of course better performance I personally think that this is a worthwhile trade-off combined the Snapdragon 835 processor Adreno 530 and eight gigs of ram in a phone which by the way runs pretty much stock Android and the end result is a buttery smooth the latest games are no problem and switching between apps and multitasking is super smooth since so many apps can stay in the memory without any issue we do get a 3300 milliamp hour battery which actually comes out to 100 less milliamps when compared to the 1 + 3 T but better that is about the same which is 5 hours of on-screen time and this is in part thanks to the Snapdragon 835 10 nanometer design that uses up to 25% less power combined the old a battery life with the super quick - charge and I have no issues with battery life at all in my benchmarks I would gain 50 percent battery in 30 minutes which is as fast as it gets in the industry the dual camera system consists of a 16 megapixel lens and a 20 megapixel telephoto lens this is the headline feature at launch they've even got it printed on the box does it however live up to the claims in short no it doesn't performance wise that they mixed bag it was a hard time keeping up with flagships like the iPhone 7 in dimmer situations from the lack of oh is it software stabilized so the camera needs a higher ISO to compensate for using a faster shutter speed and then that's when things start to get noisy but in reasonable lighting the primary sensors aperture of 1.7 produces sharp pictures with great depth of field the dull colors have also been improved from the oneplus 3 the oneplus 5 producing vibrance and true to life colors the telephoto lens gets a small aperture of 2.6 which makes the primary sensor the only usable one in the dark this lens gives an optical zoom of 1.6 as well as enabling portrait mode by combining its information with the main sensors portrait images are good they come close to the iPhone 7 plus is however there is a weird halo effect that's more noticeable when subjects have complex edges but over time I expect oneplus to improve on this through updates swiping left and the camera UI gets you into video mode where you have the option of recording in 720 1080 and also 1080p at 60fps and of course 4k I would stick to 1080p here as 4k video is not stabilized at all however I did read somewhere that this will change soon through a software update now when it comes to autofocus that is accurate but it's a little on the slower side so the software is running is oxygen OS and it's basically stock Android with a few tweaks on top we get added custom like being able to switch between hardware and software buttons we also get to change system themes and even enable a night mode that changes UI elements across the system the Shelf remains to the left of the home screen and here we can add widgets and information although personally I would have liked to see an option to switch to Google Mouse page like on the Nexus devices also there's now a gaming do not disturb mode that stops any notification when certain apps like games are open another software edition is the extended screenshot mode it will scroll down a page capturing it until you tell it to stop if you can do without an infinity display then this is a solid phone with all of its latest specs there runs a close to stock version of Android and oneplus has a history of timely updates it has a great 1080p display and an old metal design and the camera can hold its own against top flagships it does however suffering low-light due to the lack of oh is hopefully oneplus continues to tweak its performance through software updates so is the oneplus 5 worth its price tag well it depends on what you're looking for so that does it for my review of the oneplus 5 I will be giving away this phone to one lucky subscriber and if you guys want to enter all you have to do is drop a like on the video and let me know in the comment section if you want to enter for they give away the winner will be announced at the end of July on my Twitter account so make sure you guys are following me there thank you so much for watching I will see you in the next one but before I go and get a huge thanks to Squarespace for making this video possible Squarespace of course is the old and one platform to create your very own beautiful website they make it extremely easy to do you guys don't need to know anything about coding in fact it's so easy that even I can do it I love their platform I've been using their website services for about 4 years now in fact my most recent one is deal source text and I absolutely love it there are a bunch of beautiful templates you guys can choose for them or you can start from scratch sound like what I did with my sighs but you guys haven't already checked about at slash tech stores and you guys can get 10% off your first purchase thank you so much for watching I will see you in the next one
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