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OnePlus 3 Review | 1 Month Later

so with all of these $700 plus phones coming out I figured now is the best time to do a review on the oneplus three I've put it through enough testing to where I've established some opinions that seemed to hold consistent the more I use this $400 budget of a phone so first thing it's full metal and with this change comes the loss of the customizable backplate design wise it looks like 20% of other smart phones coming out these days but still in my opinion it's an improvement over the oneplus 2 and a lot better in structural sense than these full glass phones that were still getting around the device we get the usual deal but with the addition of a notification slider with three positions all notifications priority notifications and silent I find this useful whenever in meetings or out of the movies and I could silence my phone without waking the screen now because this is the gold variant it also has a white front plate but there is also a graphite color matched with a backplate I do have some diamond skins on my phone here to protect the phone from being scratched and if you guys haven't heard of them that I'll drop a link to them down below if you guys are interested the storage is capped at 64 gigabytes with no expandable storage or higher capacity models instead they included space for a second SIM card on the SIM tray which I honestly don't see people using that often it's popular in China and India but not here in the states and I would have opted for a model with a slot for an SD card if I had that choice my main Android device is usually the galaxy s7 edge when I'm not testing other phones so compared to that it definitely feels thicker but that's mostly due to the curved nature of the s7 edge as the 1 plus 3 is actually 0.3 millimeters thinner it is however bigger in height and width the 1080p AMOLED display inherently isn't going to be the sharpest on the market and it's also not the brightest that only 413 nits compared to the s7 edges 855 minutes what that translates to is it's unusable in direct sunlight the speaker located at the bottom gets really loud and sounds clear but I still wish manufacturers were just default to a dual stereo setup at this point but I don't have any complaints here and back to you is a quick audio sample the capacitive home button actually houses a decent fingerprint reader it's quick and accurate and I don't have any complaints here internally I Roxy Snapdragon 820 chip Adreno 530 GPU and six gigs of ram these specs paired with a resource low operating system makes for a great user experience it kind of feels like you're using a nexus with virtually no stutter and a stock look I actually prefer using this to the Nexus 6p because of the homescreen customization with a long press you can now change the look of the Google search bar icon style homescreen grid size and many others on the left side of the home screen you get what's called a shelf where you can basically add memos pen frequent contacts and widgets I actually prefer this to the now page on google stock launcher but that's just a personal preference in terms of battery life I would get a consistent four hours of on-screen time for my usage from the 3000 milliamp hour battery that included with their fast charging or as they call it - charging makes battery life on this phone a non-issue for me it goes from zero to 60 percent in just 30 minutes when using the included four amp charger usually with budget phones I expected the camera to be a very noticeable area where it suffers but I was actually surprised with the balance oneplus achieved with the camera this year it's a 16 megapixel Sony sensor that has optical image stabilization and phase detection autofocus the results are vibrant and crisp without too much over sharpening like on the galaxy s7 the camera is easy to lunch and if you have gestures turned on tracing a circle will open up the app allowing for quick snaps oneplus has also kept the interface simple with only what you would need at the moment displayed and everything else tucked away into the settings in good light the oneplus 3 takes solid snaps however it's quite the opposite in low-light conditions especially if you're rushing to take your shots the pictures will be blurry as well as very dark but overall for a budget phone I'm really impressed with the camera Joshua Bain their disease unit morale thank you the 1+3 checks all the boxes in terms of what I look for solid build good camera smooth performance and great battery life it's not groundbreaking in any way and one plus was never about that they just want to deliver a great phone at a great price and in my opinion they've done just that so if you guys are looking for a phone at around four hundred bucks with great performance you'll definitely want to check this out but that'll do for my review of the one plus three as always if you guys enjoyed this videos make sure to leave a like to show your support it does help the channel up a ton and thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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