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OnePlus 3T | 1 Month Later

what's up guys it's that from text source and today we're going to be reviewing the one plus three T well it's not really a full review as I've already made a video on the one plus three which is essentially the same phone with a few exceptions so instead I'm going to cover all the differences between the two models but if you guys want to know more about the three T that isn't mentioned in this video then you should check out by one plus three review and I'll drop a link to it down below so first off the three T is the same in every dimension and still has the same great unibody build though there is a new color and personally I like it better it's darker and more space grayish but I use all my phones with the brand skins on them so the new color doesn't really matter to me but it's worth noting by the way if you guys want to check out some dope skins for yourselves I'll drop a link to them down below even though it shares the same dimensions with you one plus three the 3t gets a bigger battery going from 3000 to 3400 milliamp hour that is a 15% difference and this translated to about 2 more hours of browsing on Wi-Fi of course we get the same great - charging which is still the best on the market powering this new one plus handset as qualcomm latest offering you Snapdragon 820 1 this is a 2.35 gigahertz version which is clocked higher than the 820 one in the new pixel phone's general performance is more or less the same however the difference becomes more apparent when you open up a heavy game and start to really push this device multitasking is also excellent with its ridiculous 6 gigs of ram which is the same amount found on the older one + 3 we still don't get a micro SD card slot but max capacity has been improved with a 128 gigabyte model now being available the rear-facing camera is still the same 16 megapixel Sony sensor but the selfie camera has now also gone up to 16 megapixel from the 8 on the older one plus 3 you can clearly tell the difference when comparing the two and you selfie lovers out there are definitely going to appreciate this change images are just overall clearer with its f 2.0 aperture which helps a ton and low-light and with its higher megapixel count you can now get more room to crop and zoom everything else the display build quality speaker cetera are the same as the 1 plus 3 and again if you guys want a detailed look at that make sure to check out my review linked below with these improvements also comes a price there friends of $40 bring in the new cost to $440 from 400 in my opinion this phone is for those who like these stock experience but don't like the direction Google has taken with their new pixel phones you're getting a higher clocked phone with arguably the same performance for a substantial price drop oneplus is also known for their great support in fact while using this phone for a little over a week now I received already two software updates which just shows their commitment to delivering the best user experience possible but that is if my review of the one plus 3t as always if you guys want to check this phone out I'll drop a link to it down below thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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