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OnePlus 6 Review - Best One Yet?!

oneplus has been known for their budget devices for a while now and this year they have unveiled their one plus six their most premium handset to date with a glass back edge to edge display and the latest in hardware that would be the SAP dragon 845 as the brains backed by the adrenal 630 for the graphics card as well as six gigs of ram and a starting storage space of 64 gigs all for five hundred thirty dollars they even have other models starting at eight gigs of ram wood more storage with a higher price of course okay so let's start with the hardware and this is really where oneplus needed to change things up and they did just like other handsets we've now got a glass back the model we have in the video is the mirror black that has a ceramic look to it they achieved this by applying a thin film to the inside and I really dig it even though it's Gorilla Glass five and scratch resistant I did apply some dban skins to it so I wouldn't have to keep wiping away the fingerprints there's also a white with gold trim and a matte black version all of which have the same glass back but with different textures so we also get water resistant this year and they don't give a rating but oneplus says it's enough to survive a drop in the sink or a spilled glass of water now I'm not gonna take the risk and test it because I might damage the phone so I'm just gonna go ahead and take their word for it surprisingly the oneplus six does not have any wireless charging and that's kind of a letdown to be honest I think they did that to keep the cost down but nevertheless we are aiming towards a more Wireless future so I would have loved to see that but we do get their famous - charging which claims to give a full days of power and just half an hour of charging which when we tested it it's about 60% - give or take with moderate use you can actually go on a full day with 60% battery life left when I was using it I usually finish the day off with about 20 to 30% but that is with heavy use something that's living this year is the fingerprint sensor and they've actually reshaped it which has less surface area than before and they've placed it right below the dual cameras which is a little annoying because I sometimes smudge the camera lens instead of tapping on the sensor but I feel like over time I will get used to the placement however it is quick as ever and they've also brought back their face unlock that's freakishly fast it recognizes your face so quick that you might miss your lockscreen I mean it's not gonna be as secure as the iPhone face unlock but it works great and honestly so far I haven't run into any issues with it every single one plus phone before this one was known for their mesh camera quality and this year the company is promising much better performance from the two camera setup the primary camera has a 16 megapixel Sony sensor with an F 1.7 aperture and an optical image stabilization the second camera is also a Sony sensor but with a 20 megapixel camera and again at F 1.7 aperture what's weird about this configuration is that both cameras actually have the same focal length typically in this setup you would have one telephoto lens for a lossless two time zoom and the other lens would be a monochrome lens for those black-and-white stills but how the 1 plus 6 cameras work is the second sensor actually captures the entire image detail and that's sent over to the main cameras image for a better digital zooming you also get lower noise and better detail and the end result drumroll please it's decent I mean it's definitely better than last year's oneplus but it's far from phones like the pixel 2 and the iPhone 10 the software applies a little too much sharpening when I found that shot too noisy in darker environments but they were overall much better than the 1 + 5 t in part due to the optical image stabilization that also smooth it out our shaky videos in the video front we also get the super slow motion at 480 fps at 720p and 240 FPS at 1080p it's really fun shooting in these modes even though 40 FPS is limited to 1 minute it still turns out to about 16 minutes of slow-motion footage and you can even make the most normal things like a guy riding on a scooter look pretty cool the selfie cam is also pretty decent at 16 megapixels now I'm not a big selfie guy so I won't be using this as much but I didn't notice that the pictures are sharp without any Distortion oneplus hasn't released a portrait mode for the camera yeah but it's coming soon after the phone's release so at the front we've got this edge-to-edge 1080p display and of course a notch and to be honest I don't mind its small and I don't find it distracting like all there's mites if it bothers you there is an option to hide it in the settings and speaking about software it's pretty close to stock just like oneplus has always kept it there are a few additions that I think add to the overall experience like a drawer to the left of the home screen now this is where you can pin widgets and have information quickly accessible however I do think they should allow users to switch this with the Google now feed because I much prefer that instead they've also kept the alert slider which toggles between different sound profiles and this is probably one of the most undervalued features on oneplus phones I use it all the time and I hope they keep this going forward we've also got gestures if you want to maximize your screen real estate I gotta be honest it was weird at first but I didn't get used to it quickly and now I have it turned on so you swipe up to exit an app and then you swipe and hold for multitasking and to go back you basically swipe up on the right or left side I mean it's not as great as my iPhone tens gestures but it's a great start which hopefully they will improve with software updates another welcomed feature in oxygen OS is the dark theme which blacks out the system UI and with the AMOLED display it looks great the display by the way is in the sharpest at 20 to 80 by 1080 but you'd have a hard time telling being AMOLED it has dark blacks and the colors are vibrant it has good viewing angles and no noticeable color tints overall it's great to look at there is one thing that does take away from the media experience and that is the speakers I mean it does get loud but the higher you go the more teeny it sounds and there isn't even a second speaker hidden in the earpiece so you are getting a truly mono experience fortunately they have kept the headphone jack once again and they've added Bluetooth a px which improves the sound quality with supported Bluetooth headphones before it's why is this thing is a beast with a snapdragon 845 you're not gonna see any stutter especially since oxygen OS is so close to stock playing games like pub G mobile were no problem as expect and owning oneplus phones in the past I didn't expect this phone to slow down for a while I like other Android manufacturers a snapdragon 845 also enables faster connection speeds with 4x4 MIMO but here in the states were ways from that being available but it's nice to know that it's future proof for $530 this thing checks a lot of boxes but I wouldn't call it a flagship killer since it's so bare bones and what I mean by that is that there aren't any special hardware or features that make the oneplus 6 stand out against the rest of the crowd if you're someone that doesn't have one grand to drop on the latest flagships and you're looking for a smartphone with a great camera modern hardware and an old 8 battery life with a headphone jack then the well plus 6 is a great start but if you're someone is looking for something a little more maybe it's a higher resolution screen or better camera or maybe just better sounding speakers than the 1 plus 6 is not for you and you should definitely look elsewhere and I pretty much wraps up my review of the oneplus 6 if you guys enjoyed it dropping a like would be awesome and you can help support the channel I'll drop a link to this down below if you guys want to check it out and as always I will see you in the next one
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