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PC WARS - Episode 10 | Worst PC Edition

what's up guys the dad from Texas and welcome to PC Wars episode 10 worst PC Edition where I go over some of the worst submissions that I received for PC Wars so just like the worst setup edition of setup Wars I'm gonna be critiquing these builds and as always do not take anything I say in this video seriously because I'm doing it for fun I don't mean anything I say in this video so with that said the douchebag hat is going back on and let's go ahead and start the show never pay full price for games ever again guys g2a offers the cheapest CD keys you can find anywhere check them out by clicking on the link below so just like before the person with the worst PC will receive a hundred bucks hopefully that will go towards the PC but there will be a strawpoll link down below you guys can go in and vote on who you think has the worst PC at the end of this episode so here are your five lucky victims we have Gary Hussein Christian Mike and master I am so so sorry starting off the episode is Gary's PC name the darker than black from a distance that actually looks like a pretty cool PC but once you open the case you will have nightmares for days the cable management looks like last night's leftover spaghetti when you got cables going through drive bays easy to stop and ask yourself am I doing this right so this PC is running on a 4790k that's overclocked to 4.4 and a gtx 980ti are you kidding me i feel so bad for that 980ti right now for benchmark so scored a sixteen thousand six twenty six putting this PC all the way to the top if you're not going to take the effort and fix up the cables and why did you go with a clear side panel the only thing darker than black is my soul which has left my body after at this PC Hussein is next up with another good-looking PC for my distance but of course taking a look inside will make you want to gouge your eyes out I honestly didn't even care about the horrible cable management or even the fact that there is a blue and red LED fan up top but what was so damn interesting was this sli bridge that's just hanging from the GPU I don't mean to crap on your parade but adding an SLI bridge to your GPU doesn't make it go faster so we have a 4790k paired with a gtx 970 and four benchmarks we got a ten thousand forty two which ends up taking second place once again if you don't care about cable management please don't pick up a case with a clear side panel guys and what's more depressing is that he added LEDs inside to make the parts stand out more christian is next up with this abomination that's right ladies and gentlemen I don't know if this was a troll or if he actually was serious that this would stand a chance and PC wars we have a tiny-ass eighty millimeter fan in the back which looks like it's about to fall off we have a random piece of the PC on the floor of the case and a cluster of cables everywhere I'm sorry I offer exaggerated guys I was a little too harsh on this PC I mean clearly he cares about his cable management just look at the zip ties he used to tie the cables together the PC couldn't even run five strike without crashing so I don't have any benchmark scores for you guys let alone other pictures to show you because probably this is the best angle of the PC Mike is next up with his PC named Theodore so this one has a closed side panel which means that he is the smartest one out of the rest in this episode popping the cover open and we are greeted by a pleasant surprise Mike Mike Mike my good friend you have your power supply upside down what the hell were you thinking so inside this PC we have an FX 4350 and an r9 280 and for benchmarks it's called a 5345 taking third place for this episode which leads to the final contestant Nasr now this dude has a water-cooled PC so you might be asking Edgar what's a water-cooled PC doing on this episode let's take a look yes what you are looking at is a water-cooled PC running on an FX 8350 and a GTX 9 I think the scariest thing besides the tubing is the fact that there are no fans on the freakin radiator itself I mean he went with one of the biggest radiators to fit in this case no wonder there's no room for any fans now let's take a moment and look at the tubing I mean couldn't you at least try and cut them to make them shorter what sir although this tubes lying around and lastly for benchmark set scored an 80 365 taking third place for this episode so that will do it for this episode of PC Wars there is a strawpoll link down below so make sure you guys go and click and vote on who you think has the worst custom PC and the loser will be announced on my Twitter and Instagram accounts on Sunday or on 15th I should say it's basically I hope no one was butthurt watching this video like I said in the beginning I did this for fun nothing I say or said in this video should be taken seriously it's basically if you guys enjoy these worst set up editions or worst peace editions make sure to leave a like and let me know in the comment section down below I'll probably do these every 10 episodes but anyways let me know guys I know haven't stopped talking thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next episode
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