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PC WARS - Episode 16

what's up guys attack from tech source and welcome to PC wars episode 16 five contestants one winner let the PC wars begin never pay full price for games ever again guys g2a offers the cheapest CD keys you can find anywhere check them out by clicking on the link below so if I've contestants for this week are antonio christian david rck and 40 i think as i say your name congratulations for making it on the show first up is antonio and his red and yellow build which i'm going to call the ketchup and mustard build I mean I'll give you points for going with a very unique color scheme but why red and yellow any who sees the PC as a 4770k and an asus r9 390 Strix with a custom loop built inside the H 440 it also has 16 gigs of ram and lastly for benchmarks it's scored an 11,000 586 but with that let's move on to the next rig from Christian a very good-looking white and black build inside another a 440 case a 4700 K and two gtx 980ti s with a custom painted as a lie bridge once again I would like to take this time and thank Christian for going outside and taking these great shots so aside from the painted a slight bridge both of the graphics cards and the NZXT CPU bracket is also painted white I'm not a fan of the PCI cables but the rest of the cable management in the case is excellent no benchmark scores from Christians so unfortunately this PC is disqualified but regardless thank you for entering David is next up with yet another white H 440 case that he has like three in a row I swear I'm not doing this on purpose so the PC is called afford a watch and it has a 4690k paired with a GTX 970 Strix we also have a few modded parts the GPU radiator and SSD are all painted in white but why didn't you paint the bottle white as well to match the color scheme for benchmarks the PC got a 93 12 taking second place for this episode overall a very clean white themed PC thank you David for entering rck is next up with a very clean black and red build inside the carbide 540 air case we have a 6600 K overclocked to 4.7 single EVGA gtx 980ti take a look at the sleeving though that is a thing of beauty I feel like this build has just the right amount of red nothing too overwhelming the build also has quite a few mods first up is the absence of the hard drive bays on the bottom he removed them and laser-cut a black acrylic piece that covers the entire bottom part of the PC we also have a custom back plate for the asus sonar sound card and custom sleeving from BitFenix if you guys look closely inside the PC you can find a black thin tube running from the bottom all the way up to the GPU and that's actually installed to hold up a graphics card and prevent it from sagging if you look at it from the front you actually can't see it so good job on keeping it subtle for benchmarks the PC scored 17,000 387 taking first place for this episode but a very sexy black build with the perfect amount of red think you are CK for entering last but not least we have Tony with black snow a black and white build rocking Lee 6700 K and 2 gtx 980ti s in sli we also have 16 gigs of ram one terabyte hard drive space and two 500 gigabyte 850 Evo s and raid zero cooling the system is to be quiet dark rock pro 3 and the case of choice is the popular fan Tex evolve and lastly for benchmarks black snow got a score of 22,000 729 taking first place for the episode but let's be honest the real black snow looks better but Delta for this episode of PC Wars as always drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best custom PC and I will announce the winners on the 15th on my Twitter and Instagram accounts then guys so much for watching and I will see you in the next video
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