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PC WARS - Episode 18

what's up guys is that from Texas and welcome to PC wars episode 18 we used to meet your custom PC to get featured on the channel so if you guys want to participate make sure to watch the video linked below but here are your five contestants for this week we have Archie Calum Matt floon and Sean congratulations for making it on the show alright so starting the episode we have Archie and his gorgeous modded infernal PC this was originally a coarser 760 T case but Archie decided to add his own back panel with cutouts for the cable grommets I gotta say this looks way more cleaner I also like the add-on of the msi dragon inside the case as well as the front panel and when I was running out a 6700 K and an MSI GTX 1080 gaming X graphics card great job keeping with the theme I feel like if you painted the PCIe brackets red it would have looked way cooler but it's still a sick build nonetheless and also excellent work with the cable management for benchmarks inferno' got a 16,000 532 to start things off strong Thank You Archie for entering sticking with the black and red theme we have Calum with a dragon v2 which is used for streaming and video editing this too is rocking a 6700 K and a GTX 1080 but we have the EVGA founders Edition this time around a very clean water-cooled build with custom sleeping and a mirror that's added near the bottom to reflect the parts above I also love the game of Thrones custom modded backplate you have there ever been more got an oh damn looks like Dragoon VR inferno by over 8,000 points despite both of them being a 1080 my best guess would be that the EVGA founders edition is heavily overclocked a job well done Calum for taking first place for this episode changing up the scenery and color scheme we have Matt with his white black and red build very refreshing to see that color scheme you have yet another 67 GK but this time a gtx 950 super clocked by the way matt i would strongly recommend putting the GPU on the top slot because right now it's on the x4 pci slot which means that you're not taking full advantage of the cards performance I'm pretty sure you put it on the bottom slot because the backplate got in the way the i/o but you decide aesthetics or performance for benchmarks that scored 6023 as expected putting it in third place for this episode but nonetheless a very clean build with a nice color scheme floon is next up with black rug or black RG depending on how you read it the first thing I noticed about this build is how everything is in one direction you won't find anything that's horizontal except the graphics card so this beast a is rocking a 59 30 K that's overclocked to 4.5 we also have 32 gigs of ram from G skills very sexy RAM sticks the Trident Z's and finally to r9 290 X's in crossfire very interesting that you would go with AMD cards and a build like this especially with a 59 30 K I seriously can't get over the cleanliness of this build the cable management is flawless and the sleeving along with the custom logos and mods made to the case we're all done by hand Bravo dude as expected black ROG blue the other three computers out of the water with a score of 19,000 233 taking first place for this episode then again two GPUs are better than one a very sexy black and red build Thank You floon for entering last but not least we have Sean and he's back at it again with his upgraded PC named pure bliss this time around he has a 60 702 GTX 1070 s in SLI I definitely dig the clear liquid in that PC it just looks so much cooler at night with those LEDs but I would have loved to see how it would look like in daylight as well for benchmarks we got a score of 13,000 543 putting pure bliss and 4th place for this episode but it's still a great looking water-cooled build thank you again for entering so today we get to announce the winner of the ting iPhone 6 giveaway now Tina has been sponsoring the channel over the past few weeks and to celebrate their new pricing on their data they're actually giving away an iPhone 6 and $50 teen credit to one of my lucky subscribers so ladies and gentlemen the winner is felix killer congratulations felix team will be reaching out to you to get you your iphone 6 and $50 teen credit for the rest of you make sure to check out textures teen comm if you want to save money on your monthly phone bill you guys will be surprised to find out how much money you can save each month I found out that I can say $150 per month on my monthly phone bill if I use teen instead of AT&T that's because you only pay for what you use so definitely check out the calculator guys by visiting Texas teen comm and find out how much money you can save by the way if you're stuck at a contract and don't worry because teen will actually offer 25% credit of your ETF up to $75 per device for making the switch over once again you guys are interested make sure to visit text or and I'll drop a link to it down below as always make sure you guys vote on who you think has the best custom PC by dropping the comments down below and as always I'll announce the winners on Sunday on my Twitter and Instagram accounts then you guys so much for watching and I will see you in the next video
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