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PC WARS - Episode 19

what up guys is that from Texas and welcome to PC Wars episode 19 where you submit your custom PC they get betrayed on the channel so if you guys want to participate you know what to do make sure to watch the video linked below but without wasting any more time let the PC wars begin dual source dot tech gets updated multiple times a day with variety of tech products so if you guys live in the US UK in Canada and want to save money on your next purchase consider bookmarking dual source tech and checking back at least once a day as always your five contestants for this week are alessandro danielle evan jan and mark congratulations for making it on the show starting off the show we have a very sick pc desk build by Alessandro he is calling it the help hit and it features two separate rigs a gaming PC and a server pc so the gaming pc has a 6700 K and a single EVGA GTX 1084 the wind graphics card while the server build has a 47 70 and no GPU there's also tons of storage as you can see we have 10 terabyte of space for each rig this would also be a perfect streaming setup if you decide to convert the second PC into an actual streaming PC excellent work with the cable management as well not only do you have some sweet rigs but you also have a pretty dope setup as well the benchmarks we got a score of 17,000 658 starting things off strong Thank You Alessandra for entering Daniel is next up with Winterfell a gorgeous white and black build featuring the NZXT h4 40 case inside here we have another 6700 K and an asus strix gtx 1070 we also have a pretty cool game of thrones decal in front of the case i do like the fact that you went with custom sleeping for the motherboard 24 pin but why didn't you replace the graphics card PCI cables 2 benchmarks we got a score of 14,000 722 taking second place for this episode Thank You Danielle for entering Evan is next up with a sick black and red build inside one of my all-time favorite cases from n win vs frame in here we have the 5820k and not one or two three titan exes in sli god damn such a great job with cable management and maintaining consistency with the color scheme I also liked a really cool spiral effect for the liquid in both of the reservoirs I mean even the RAM sticks are water-cooled this is nothing short of amazing for benchmarks and scored a twenty three thousand thirty one pushing off alessandro and taking first place for this episode a very gorgeous build no doubt Thank You eben for entering changing things up we have Jan and this amazing white and blue pc build that is calling blue dragon in this beast we have a 6700 K 32 gigs of Dominator Platinum's and two EVGA GTX 1080s with the EVGA sli bridge I definitely liked what you did on the bottom the plexi plates have this cool design that make them seem like it's cracked and then below that we have a few props with a rock holding one of the swords from Game of Thrones other mods include some custom painted fans laser-cut dragon logo in the front and the amazing custom sleeving for benchmarks we've got a score of 20,000 574 barely getting beat by evans pc and taking second place for this episode but a very sexy white and build no doubt Thank You Jan for entering changing up the game we have something entirely different from Mark now he's calling it Zeus and it's pretty much a $50 gaming PC with a custom modded case it has the venom 2x4 940 T processor 8 gigs of ram and an XFX r7 265 needless to say the benchmarks aren't impressive but what's impressive is a performance per dollar this thing can get you above 60fps and medium to high settings in most games according to the benchmarks now obviously these are all used parts that he got on a bargain because it's physically impossible to build a gaming PC for 50 bucks using new parts but nonetheless this is a very interesting bill - thank you Mark for entering so that is it for this episode of PC Wars as always make sure you guys drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best custom PC and as always announce the winners in a few weeks on my Twitter and Instagram accounts so make sure you guys are following me there it's basically thank you guys so much for watching as always leave a like if you enjoy these videos or these series and I'll see you in the next video
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