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PC WARS - Episode 21

what's up guys is that from tech stores and welcome to PC wars episode 21 where you submit your custom PC to get featured on a channel so if you guys wanna participate make sure watch the video link down below let the PC Wars begin if you guys are curious about the full specs of these pcs I'll have them link down below but your 5 contestants for this week are a duffy jeremiah josh josh number 2 and hewan congratulations for making it on the show so Duffy is first up with a really nice white and black bill that has a 4790k paired with two Asus GTX 970 s I'm definitely loving the consistency he even ended up painting the power supply to match the color scheme the CPU cooler however is definitely massive and it's kind of stealing the show to be honest it's also blocking the RAM sticks I feel like something smaller or more subtle what I've worked just fine after all it's only a 4790k a custom painted SLI bridge what I've also looked cooler compared to the stock Flex bridge that you have right now even if you painted that white it would have looked a lot better for benchmarks it scored a 16,000 387 starting off the episode strong but overall a very clean white and black build thank you Duffy for entering speaking of white and black bills we have Jeremiah next up with Atlas see now this is the type of CPU cooler I was talking about it's small enough not to block the RAM sticks and it still gets the job done while keeping with the theme Atlas is running on a 6700 K and 2 GT X 1080 Founders Edition which kind of goes against the color scheme with the green GeForce logo but I do see that you scrape the most of the paint off and it's not that noticeable in the dark for benchmarks we got a score of 26,000 134 beating out Duffy's PC and taking first place for this episode I would have personally routed those GPU wires downwards and through the bottom grommet for a cleaner look but regardless it's a beast of a PC Thank You Jeremiah for entering Josh number one is next up with a neon green and purple Halloween themed PC he's calling it alien with a dash of facehugger what the field features a 4790k and an Asus GTX 1070 card I don't really know when this video will go live on a channel but I max recording it on the 29th of October so right before Halloween there's definitely a lot of custom work that went into this build the reservoir base is made out of carbon fiber there are a few acrylic cutouts near the bottom for the PSU and SSD as well as the fan grills near the top for benchmarks they scored a fifteen thousand eight sixty eight picking third-place for this episode definitely a very interesting bill - Thank You Josh for entering Josh number two is next up and it's just a coincidence that he too has a green and black build he is calling it green eggs and ham I swear you guys in your creative names that's a 59 30k in two GTX 1080s in sli and already right off the bat the two stock flex SLI bridges stick out very badly and I wonder deep down inside why you either haven't painted them green or went with a high-bandwidth SLI bridge both in video and EVGA make some really sexy bridges it's just a shame because you spend all this time and money perfecting this beautiful PC and then you have this some custom mods include painted back plates skinned power supply and SSD and also a custom painted front panel although it does look like you painted the RAM sticks as well because crucial doesn't have any green versions like those for benchmarks escorting 26,000 176 barely beating out Jeremiah by only 42 points and taking first place for this episode what can I say it's an excellent build just please do something with those sli bridges Thank You Josh number 2 for entering last but not least we have one with a very interesting black white and red build featuring the 4790k and two gtx 980 s I can definitely appreciate the fact that you stuck with your theme but the green GeForce logo kind of ruins it to be honest I also like the carbon fiber skins that you applied on both of your SSDs and also on the side of your CPU cooler it looks like I don't know if you got that idea from watching my gal Dex build but that's definitely taking a step forward and going with more than just one color very nice so since this is a tri-colored build I would have made the custom cables into three different colors as well just to be more consistent maybe have the outer cables black and then fill in the rest with white and red but that's just my two cents a very dope build nonetheless thank you for entering so that is it for this episode as always drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best custom PC and last the winners on my social media platforms thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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