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PC WARS - Episode 22

what's up guys it's a from tech source and welcome to PC Wars episode 22 now there is no easy way to say this guy's but unfortunately this will be the final episode of PC Wars now I know a lot of people upset but the main reason why I'm closing it down is because it's not as popular as my other series and there's just not that much interest to be honest setup Wars way more popular then you got what's in the box cool tag top 5 and all that stuff so and there aren't as many submissions believe it or not I think I have maybe four or five more submissions left of really cool or unique pcs and it just feels very redundant to me so I just I've lost interest in doing these so and I'm sorry if anyone's upset but I feel I feel like that's the best thing to do right now for the channel I'm not joking and I know you guys are waiting for me to troll you I know of that in the past but I may do one more episode just because of a few more submissions left and I don't want to leave anybody out but after that there's abnormal submissions and honestly I just think it's time to win this series it's been fun 22 episodes or 23 episodes it's been going strong and I want to thank you guys so much for that support but I've got a bunch of other series and I need to work on and focus on so guys this is longest intro ever anyways that's welcome to setup wars welcome to PC wars episode 22 let the PC wars begin as always if you guys want to see the specs for all the pcs I'll have them linked down below but your five contestants for this week are Cory James Kevin Lewis and standard congratulations for making it on the show so starting off the show we have an epic modded PC from the one and only Cory aka I'm face roll gaming on YouTube and this guy is always taking it to the next level so this time he built a Warcraft themed PC specifically a Burning Crusade theme for those wow fans out there he's calling this fail magic and it's running on a 6600 K 16 gigs of ram and an msi gtx 970 I love how we converted the reservoir with the liquid into the demon gate that is very clever the attention to detail is incredible as always and all the work here is done by him we got custom paint jobs vinyl and even acrylic work to bring this PC to life job well done Cory thank you again for entering James is next up with the mag machine which is a black silver and red themed PC inside the Lindley PCO 8 case it's running on a 6700 K and 2 MSI GTX 1080s in sli some custom mods include a mirror plate on the bottom and MSI logo over the EVGA sli bridge and of course the custom sleeving I think instead of having silver Ram sticks against a silver motherboard painting at least two of them red would really make them pop and stay more consistent with the overall theme but overall a very badass PC with a fire strike score of 24,000 280 thank you so much James for entering speaking of black and red here's an interesting build inside the fan Tech's evolved mini ITX case I can't help but feel like the black tubing really takes away from the rest of the build I don't think I've actually seen this many black tubes before in a custom loop especially in such a small case like this but hey you managed to fit everything in so props on that by the way is calling it chemistry and it has a 6600 K and a single r9 fury X GPU definitely a nice job on the cable management as well so for benchmarks are scored a 14,000 767 taking second place for this episode then you Kevin for entering now here's something we haven't seen for a long time another wooden PC build you guys remember poison ivy from a while back damn that was such a nice build so Louis is here with something similar but nothing too crazy so it has a custom-made wooden case built from scratch and inside is the 47 90 and an msi gtx 960 the benchmarks are scored a 6704 taking third place for this episode but overall a very nice wooden pc build Thank You Lewis for entering last but not least we have Stan lured and the marker it's packing a 5820k and three msi gtx 980ti is in sli personally I think there's a bit too much red in here even for me but who cares this thing is a beast it's only 24,000 119 barely getting beat by the mag machine which has 210 ATS in it some mods include a custom backplate from v1 tech painted as leverage and sleeving of course I wish I would have gotten pics with the lights off so that I can actually see the real colors of the parts regardless it's a very sick build Thank You Stan Lord for entering so that is it for the episode and quite possibly the entire series make sure you guys vote down below on who you think has the best custom PC and announce the winners on my social media accounts thank you guys so much for watching honestly it's been fun doing this series I think it's time to move on to bigger and better things thank you again and I'll see you in the next video
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