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PC WARS - Episode 23

what's up guys it's Aspen tech toys and welcome to PC Ward's episode 23 we used to make your custom PC to get featured on the channel so if you guys want to participate make sure to watch the video linked below so yeah guys I'm not canceling PC Wars a lot of you guys are against that and apparently enjoy the series so if you enjoy the series I'm going to continue it obviously I don't want to cancel it and have some people upset so thank you guys so much for leaving me your feedback down below so yea if you sign up a PC Wars leave it like and let's go ahead and start the show so before I begin the video nice is actually sponsoring a giveaway for PC Wars where five lucky individuals will win a pretty cool prize ranging from graphics cards to gaming keyboards and mice and stuff like that but the prize will depend on what you guys want to win it's very simple instructions are linked down below all you have to do is have the app watch PC Wars within it and like a few products or add those products to your wishlist that you want to win for the giveaway it's very simple once again the app link is down below call us announce the winners within a few weeks within the app as well so make sure you guys enable push notifications if you want to get notified if you have one or not so starting up episode we have Benny and his water cool the black and white PC inside the aged 440 case as a 4770k and two gtx 980 s and sli with 32 gigs of ram there are a few red accents on the motherboard which makes sense why he has a few red ram sticks to stay a little consistent with the overall theme and even though he stayed with a stock psu cables the build still looks pretty damn good I mean other than the obviously repulsive SLI bridge this is a good-looking PC for benchmarks it scored in eighteen thousand ninety four starting off the episode strong Thank You Benny for entering here's a pretty sick water-cooled build from Jesse called Genova it's refreshing to see a different color scheme even though it's only from the cables so this is rocking a 68 50 K and a Pascal Titan X and a custom loop inside the leanly PC o7s case Genova also has 64 gigs of g.skill tried and zeez which tells me that this is more than just a gaming pc and for benchmarks that scored a crazy 24,000 139 taking first place for the episode a very clean water-cooled built Thank You Jessie for entering Josh is next up with purity a black and white build inside the fantex evolved ITX case it's rocking a 60 180 fire R X 480 nitro Edition graphics card it may not be water-cooled but damn is this a clean ass build or what I'm loving the color consistency and the custom laser cut SSD cover with his nickname written on it cable management is also flawless and may not top the charts and benchmarks but this is a good-looking build nonetheless Thank You Josh for entering speaking of white and black check this beast out Winston is calling it the youjizz machine you jizz and I can see why this thing is equipped with a 6600 K and a Galaxy TX 1070 some odds include Plasti Dip parts like the radiator GPU shroud and Triton Z RAM sticks I definitely appreciate all the attention to the small details for benchmarks to score a fifteen thousand twenty seven taking third place for this episode Thank You Winston for entering last but not least we have Lewis with a black and green PC inside the in win at 9:09 case lemon rush is the name of the PC and it's equipped with a 68 50k that's overclocked to 4.3 gigahertz 32 gigs of ram and 2 EVGA 1080s and sli it's safe to say this PC takes first place even though here an extreme version of fire strike instead the EVGA sli bridge kind of sticks out to me I feel like either a custom paint job or simply removing those stickers from it would make it look a lot better regardless it's a very sick black and green build Thank You Lewis for entering so that is it for this episode of PC Wars as always make sure you guys drop your comments down below and vote on you think has the best custom PC and announce the winners on my Twitter and Instagram accounts also for the giveaway guys don't forget to download the app and participate it's really free you have nothing to lose thank you so much and I'll see you in the next video
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