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PC WARS - Episode 24

ladies and gentlemen welcome to PZ wars episode 24 where you submit your custom PC to get featured on the channel I know it's been ages since last episode guys I can only do these series if I have time because I'm working on other more important projects so please hang in there I'm not canceling PC Wars like I said in the previous episode but anywho let's not waste any more time and let the PC wars begin also guys if you have a badass pc you want to be on the show make sure to watch the video linked below it will tell you exactly what to do to enter alright so starting up the show we got death sit from Aaron which is running on a 59 30 K 16 gigs of RAM some cursor and an EVGA gtx 980ti in a custom loop it kind of looks like a military themed pc with that gunmetal case and army green liquid the case he is using is from case labs and it's the SAS model really great work with the cable management as well for benchmarks that scored 17,000 to 31 starting the episode strong Thank You Aaron for entering next up is Peter with a gorgeous black and red custom loop inside these antics evolve ATX case this beast is running on a 6700 K and 2 EVGA GTX 10 70s in SLI I feel like if you painted the sli bridge red as well it would have completed the look because it kind of sticks out right now the benchmarks are scored 24,000 to 33 already taking first place for this episode a pretty straightforward black and red water-cooled build thank you Peter for entering you guys might know dead John from the incredible nature build from episode 13 that blew everyone out of the water well now he's back again but this time with his number one best-selling novel all about Coolermaster this thing is a PC guys I don't think I've ever seen a more realistic paint job than this apparently it's airbrushed on actual wheel leather he even went of his way to take pictures in a library of some sort Bravo I gotta give you props on the presentation take a look inside you will find a 6600 K and an asus rog rx4 70 which isn't anything to be excited about but god damn is this an awesome modded PC or what unfortunately I don't have any benchmarks to show you guys but we can assume it'll be near the bottom with a single Rx for 70 regardless it's nice to see you again Vijay and thank you so much for blessing my eyeballs with this now here's a pretty sick overwatch themed PC from Ray he's calling it Black Watch Widowmaker and his features the 6700 K 32 gigs of ram and two gtx 1080s in sli we got custom sleeving a custom backplate custom painted at the library which looks very clean and the bottom and front panels are also custom-made it's also very refreshing to see a black and purple build for benchmarks that scored twenty four thousand nineteen barely getting beat by Peters PC and taking second place for this episode mad props on this build and thank you for answering so the last PC had an overwatch team and now this PC has a doom theme this is called the doom machine it's rocking a sixty six hundred K 16 gigs of ram and two gtx 980ti s in SL eyes those are definitely some sick looking back plates which he had made himself by the way props on that as well as the painted sli bridge that looks pretty dope although it won't score higher than 210 eighties it sure as hell looks dope and thank you SAS for entering so that is it for this episode as always you guys can vote using the app nice I'll have a link down below it's completely free it's a platform where you can basically watch my videos early and also shop at the same time all in one convenient place allows the winners on my social media platforms some time this year thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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