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PC WARS - Episode 25

how long has it been since the last episode of PC Wars I know it's been such a long time a lot of you guys probably even forgot about it but it's still here it still exists so I want to keep you guys waiting welcome to PC wars episode 25 we used to make your custom PC to get featured on the channel if you guys want to participate make sure to watch the video linked below with that said let the PC Wars begin first up we got Cori and severed blue which is a black and blue water-cooled PC winning on two separate loops it's equipped with a 6600 K and an MSI GTX 1080 I'm not really sure why Cori went with two separate loops for a single GPU but hey it says build not mine besides the obvious custom painted and modded case he also did some vinyl work acrylic panels power supply cover and even added a platform for the reservoirs there are no benchmarks for severed blue and fortunately but this is a sick black and blue setup Thank You Cory for starting off this episode next up is Bruce Wayne with a god damn sick looking white and red PC I mean a color scheme on this one is just beautiful and look how cool the fans look I was actually curious what model these were so I did some research and apparently they are RGB LED fans from ia go I think that's how you say it and they only sell them in Malaysia unfortunately they're not available in the u.s. so boost is calling this frost edge and it's rocking the 77 and decay 16 gigs of ram in two gtx ten 80s founders editions actually in sli and this is all built inside the hex gear r40 chesties which again doesn't look like is available in the US the fact that you managed to squeeze all this inside a tiny micro ATX case and keep the cables hidden is incredible and that modulus though there's just way too many to name but he's got some custom back plates painted at the library and power supply custom motherboard heatsink and i/o shroud now I don't know if that's painted or what but damn does that look amazing he even has a PSU cable shroud right above the power supply to hide the cables coming out of it I mean this guy has thought of everything I'm personally not a fan of the 90 degree fittings but this build is just beautiful for benchmarks is for a 25,000 382 taking the lead for this episode thank you Bruce Wayne for entering and number three is Gavin and the barbershop now here's an interesting color scheme that I haven't even seen before we got black red white and teal I mean at least it's unique right so the barbershop is equipped with a 6800 K 32 gigs of ram and an EEG a GTX 1084 the win some custom mods include a painted front grille painted PC brackets and custom sleeved cables the benchmarks have scored 18 thousand 714 taking second place for this episode I mean it's not a bad PC I actually like the unique color scheme it's definitely a nice change from everything Thank You Gavin for entering so you thought Bruce's white and red PC was bombed we'll check out Ivan's so damn clean it's like a scene from the matrix where the entire room is white so badass it doesn't have a name but what it does have is a 6700 K that's overclocked to 4.2 we got 16 gigs of RAM and an msi gtx 1060 there's also a lot of mods mostly paint jobs like the RAM sticks fans and even the case got a nice paint job then we got that acrylic PSU cover and the panel for mounting the case fans pump and even the reservoir nicely done I just love how parallel the build is I'm pretty sure you did the tubing that way on purpose to achieve a clean look you definitely got that right for benchmarks that scored 11,000 179 taking third place Thank You Ivan for entering last but certainly not least is Shawn and his insane custom looped PC not because it has a 60 800 K and 2 GTX 10 70s but because of those bends there's a lot going on here and even though I'm personally not a fan of how it looks I got to give props to Shawn for pulling this off if you're going to do crazy bends in your PC this is how it's done take notes g-man there's also a lot of different LEDs inside here and I feel like that's what Shawn was going for a crazy messy and intense look and he certainly achieved it but benchmarks that scored 8,000 176 in 5 sky culture instead of the regular benchmark which he was supposed to use but it doesn't really matter because none of the pcs in this episode can be Bruce's dual 1080 build in terms of benchmark scores a very sick build nonetheless thank you Shawn for entering so that is it for this episode at PC Wars you guys so much for watching make sure you guys vote down below on who you think has the best custom PC I'll announce the winners on my Twitter and it's the file thank you so much for watching I'll see you the next one
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