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PC WARS Episode 26 - Worst PC Edition

what's up guys it's MTAC Saurus and welcome to PC Wars worst PC Edition where we're gonna be looking at some potato rigs and I'm gonna be giving the person with the worst PC $100 and again guys this video is just for fun please don't take anything I say seriously this video is a great reminder that your PCs aren't that bad maybe it is I don't know what the PC wars begin I do want to thank Samsung for partnering with me to make this video possible if your PC is booting up very slowly or taking longer than expected to load up games and applications then an upgrade is what you need the samsung 960 pearl m2 SSD will supercharge your PC with incredible read and write speeds allowing your programs and games to load much faster especially if you're coming from a hard drive supercharge your PC today by using the samsung 960 Pro MDOT - SSD I'll drop a link to it down below this is first up with a beautiful budget PC and this is actually the only build in this episode that looks this good but I've decided to include it anyways because it is a budget build so the processor he is still using is the Intel Q 8200 quad core with eight gigs of ddr2 RAM and an asus strix 960 I can also appreciate the extra effort he put in moving the PC outside and taking wonderful pictures for the firestrike benchmark it scored 55 17 and it's probably gonna be the best PC for this episode thank you desks for entering Lewis is next up with a true potato PC it's running on the e 5200 Pentium chip with an Asus GT 710 but the worst part about this PC is actually the power supply that's hanging on for dear life it looks like the power supply is too small for the case and what's up put the hard drive that's just laying on the bottom where are the drive cages in this case this tower is supposed to have a cage near the bottom that can store up to three hard drives cable management is also something to cringe at it's even worse than the fire strike score of 721 playing this PC and second place overall but thank you Louis for entering and number three we have Phillip with a PC so bad doesn't even have a side panel mainly because the power supply doesn't even fit in this case causing it to stick out a bit from the side cable management also hurts my eyes but the actual specs aren't that bad it's running on the cue 6700 quad-core processor with 6 gigs of ddr2 RAM and the msi RX 470 I mean at least this case has an actual drive cage for his 320 gigabyte hard drive so a point sturb I don't have any 5 spec scores for this PC so automatically it takes last place Thank You Philip for entering and good luck so Nina is next up with a respectable budget bill because it does look like he worked on the cable management a bit and I can definitely appreciate that singing even went with a closed side panel because he's smart enough to know that there's nothing really good to show off inside his PC and he's able to save money in the process in terms of specs it's actually the worst PC so far on the show rocking a Pentium II 5300 and an AMD HD 7450 with 2 gigs of ddr2 ram he's even got the fire strike score to prove it 332 putting this PC in third place I also love the fact that Windows isn't even activated on his PC but who knows maybe I'll end up winning and you can use the hundred dollars for a fresh copy of Windows Thank You Sania for entering last but not least we got rake and his badass styrofoam themed PC build rocking not only one but two nvidia gtx 980ti s but if you like you bought those graphics cards from Craigslist or somewhere shady because GeForce is actually misspelled on them it's missing the e he also picked up the 77 decay and added a cooler master 212 Evo cooler with 32 gigs of tried and z-r GB RAM sticks definitely some interesting choices when it comes to hardware first of all I would have gone with a beefier cooler than the 212 Evo especially if you're gonna be overclocking and 32 gigs of ram is a bit overkill for gaming and finally your PC looks like it's missing some cables so I can't even judge it for cable management I mean how on earth are you even powering this rig maybe instead of spending money on that Glock you could have picked up some nice sleeve cables from cable mod no fire effects cores the PC doesn't even have any cables to power it up but I admire the effort you put into this build think you rake for entering but that wraps up this episode of PC Wars make sure you guys use a strawpoll link down below and vote on who you think has the worst PC because that person is gonna take home $100 also don't forget to check out the samsung 960 pro m2 SSD if you guys want to boost your PC speeds I'll drop a link to that down below thank you so much for watching and again a huge things to Samsung for sponsoring this video I'll see you guys next time
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