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PC WARS - Episode 6

ladies and gentlemen welcome to the sixth episode of PC Wars where you submit your custom PC to get featured on the channel and a chance to win a hundred bucks if you have a badass PC you want to submit yours for the show make sure to watch the video linked down below for the instructions so level out seven done let the PC board is beginning never pay full price for games ever again guys g2a offers the cheapest cd-keys you can find anywhere check them out by clicking on the link below so you can find the pc specs and parts link down below in the description section for anyone that is interested but here are your 5 chosen pcs for this episode we have bill Chandler Corey Matt and Maxim or Maxim a congratulations for making the PC wars episode 6 so pressed up on the show is Bill and his water-cooled black and red build running on a 5820k two gtx 980ti is in sli and 32 gigabytes of ram we also got water cooling parts from ek and custom red cables all packed inside the Corsair 900 D case for benchmarks that scored a twenty nine thousand two hundred eighty nine but not on five strikes so this score is pretty relevant overall a very powerful beast and a great start for PC Wars thank you Bill for entering the blizzard built by Chandler is next start burning on a sixty six hundred K which is overclocked to four point one gigahertz it has an EVGA GTX 970 superclocked Edition sixteen gigabytes of ddr4 Ram and a cooler master hyper 212 Evo to keep the CPU cool some mods include the silverstone text leads cable extensions an RGB multicolor LED strip and a sweet-looking EVGA backplate for the fire strike benchmark had scored a ten thousand seventy one putting it in first place by default but yeah not much else to say a really good looking black and white build by Chandler thank you for entering Chandler not Chandler I was doing shadow Lear for some reason that's why I said that Chandler thank you for entering Cory's next up with a custom built inside his desk you heard right folks we have an i7 59 60 X paired with three EVGA gtx 980 superclocked edition inside of his desk to be truthful i didn't know if he was entering for a setup wars or pc wars but regardless it's gonna be tough to beat so inside this pc or desk depending on how you look at it we also have 32 gigabytes of kingston hyperx ram 740 gigabytes of SSD space 17 terabytes of Western Digital hard drive storage and tons of water cooling parts from ek the mod list on this bad boy is way too long so that'll have the link down below if anyone is interested but I'll go ahead and go over a few of them the desk itself is obviously custom made using MDF wood we also have a bunch of painted parts a custom car audio system which is built into the desk what the cable management on the other hand is so damn clean and all the parts are nicely aligned with each other definitely one of the more unique builds I've seen on the channel for benchmarks that scored a twenty thousand seven hundred eighty to one five strike which easily takes the lead for this episode Corey it's a sick PC build man thank you for entering okay why the hell would you drill three holes in such a beautiful case like this Matt anyway so we have a 4790k with two r9 280x is sixteen gigabytes of ram from corsair and an h 100 a gtx cooler inside the butchered h 440 case some mods include red sleeve cables custom painted PCIe brackets painted SSD and RAM sticks and even the graphics card brackets are painted red to match the theme I also like the modded carbon fiber SLI bridge that you made very nice touch for benchmarks that scored on eleven thousand five hundred eighty eight putting this PC in second place for this episode but other than that mess up there with the CPU power cables the rest of the cable management is great and this is a very good looking black and red build thank you Matt for entering last but not least we have the ugly beast I'm not even joking that's the actual name of the PC it's running on a 5820k which is overclocked to four point six gigahertz and it's paired with not one but two r9 290 s it also has 32 gigabytes of kingston ram and a coarser h 110 cpu cooler ugly beast is the perfect name for this i mean i know you can do a better job with that cable management bro for benchmarks i got a whopping 19,000 183 putting it right under the modded desk pc and second place i definitely think that this pc has the potential to be a great black and yellow build but it's really being overshadowed with those cables but nonetheless thank you Maxima or Maxim or entering PC Wars so that's it for this month's episode of PC Wars you guys know what to do make sure to drop your comments down below and vote on who has the best custom PC although we kind of know who it is at this point as always I will D announce the winners be 15th on my Twitter and Instagram accounts so follow me there if you guys wish but that's basically it thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoyed PC Wars let me know by leaving a like if you also want me to do these once every two weeks let me know if I drop any comment down below because right now it's only once a month on the 1st of every month but I'm hoping to change that really soon but let me know thanks for watching see you in the next video
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