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PC WARS - Episode 9

what's up guys a set from Texas and welcome to PC wars episode what's up guys is that back again from Texas and welcome to PC wars episode 9 where you submit your custom PC to get featured on the channel so if you want to enter PC Wars make sure to watch the video linked below without wasting more time but the PC wars begin never pay full price for games ever again guys g2a offers the cheapest cd-keys you can find anywhere check them out by clicking on the link below as always you guys can find the specs for the PCs link below but here are your five contestants for this week we have Alan Harman Chris Justin and Michael congratulations for making it on the show Alan is first up with a red and black build inside the in win 805 case this beast is running on a 6700 K and an EVGA gtx 980ti kingpin edition it also has 16 gigabytes of RAM and an H 100 a GTX CPU cooler which has an interesting placement I think you're supposed to put the fans on the other side so that it can blow in cold air from outside but hey it's your PC for much more accelerated 16000 625 placing it way up there on the charts other than that strange fan placement this looks like a pretty sweet black and red build Thank You Alan for entering armand is next up with a sweet-looking black white and purple build called Pink Panther we have a 2600 K paired with a GTX 970 inside the Corsair 760 T case not sure how I feel about all those colors besides the pink black and white there's also a blue and red present I would have at least gotten different colored custom sleeves and either pink or white to make them stand out a bit more and stay true to the color scheme but it's still a sweet looking rig for benchmarks escorting 11,000 158 taking second place for this video coming in at number three is Chris and Starkiller this beast is running on a 6700 K which is overclocked to 4.7 we also have a gtx 980ti hybrid Edition and 16 gigabytes of Dominator Platinum's we also have the ek pattered a 360 cpu cooler and custom sleeve cables from ice mods to stay consistent with the theme it scored a 17,000 257 immediately taking first place for this episode a very sexy black and white build inside the Corsair 780 T case thank you Chris for entering at number 4 we have Justin with the spark build that's running on an AMD 8320 which is paired with a GTX 9 50 we also have a gigabyte of RAM and a stock cooler breath for benchmarks that scored a whopping 55 o3 which puts this and last place and probably will remain in last place for this entire episode last but not least we have Michael with our second air 540 build inside this we have a 6700 K yet again overclock to four point six and two GTX 970 s and SLI we also have 16 gigabytes of Dominator platinum and the ever-so-popular h 100 i to keep things cool I do see that this is a black and white build so what's up with the Noctua fans for benchmarks that scored an 18,000 326 topping the charts and taking the win for this episode aside from those uh Queen octo fans this is a very clean black and white build thank you Michael for entering so that's it for this episode of PC Wars you guys know what to do drop your comments down below and vote on who you think has the best custom PC as always voting will end this Saturday announce the winners on Sunday on my Twitter and Instagram accounts thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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