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PC Wars Episode 20 - Worst PC Edition

what's up guys it's that from Texas and welcome to the long-awaited PC wars episode 20 worst PC Edition so I reached out on Twitter and asked you guys to send me your crappy pcs in order to get featured on the channel and a chance to win $100 actually in what the pcs are pretty bad this episode so instead of giving them $100 I'm gonna give the winner $200 instead so hopefully that can get you guys $100 GPU and also $100 cpu for whoever wins and you guys get to vote on the worst PC so ladies and gentlemen with that said let the PC Wars begin so guys before I continue this episode I'm gonna give you huge things to the sponsors of this video dot tech domain if you are passionate about technology then dot tech is the perfect domain extension for you dots Tech has crossed over two hundred thousand domain registrations and I've seen large-scale adoption from the tech community from the big guys like CES tech tnw Tech and even Viacom dot tech to upcoming startups like impact tech source tech the domain extension is catching on strongly in fact I have two domains with them Edgard Tech which will redirect you to my youtube channel and also my most recent website deal source dot tech which is basically my tech deals website so if you guys want to secure your own dot tech domain at a great price at 399 for one year or $49.99 for 10 years then visit WWE tag and use coupon code at Gerwin or edgerton respectively as always guys do not take anything I say seriously in these videos the worst Edition style videos are just for pure entertainment in fact you guys voluntarily submitted your pcs just to be in this episode so I did of this video there will be a straw poll make sure you guys click on the link and vote because the worst PC of this episode will get $200 so with that said let's begin so first up is Alex and his PC which is rocking an x3 460 CPU which is paired with a Radeon HD 6450 some really old parts as you can see there's also a bunch of hard drive units hooked up as well which is interesting to see I do have to give you some props at the cable management near the back I mean at least you try to fix it up instead of just leaving it like that for benchmarks that scored at 272 which is probably the lowest score that I've seen on these episodes if you do in adding a gtx 1050 with bring this PC back to life although I would replace the CPU and motherboard soon after so you don't experience any bottlenecking and then he is next up with another ketchup and mustard build but at least he has a better GPU and processor so he's walking the i7 860 and a gtx 660 I would definitely remove that enthusiast build sticker though I don't think that up applies to this PC I don't have any benchmark scores with this one so you guys are gonna have to judge this PC based on aesthetics Damian is next up with a 4770k and a GTX 960 so the parts are definitely there but what in God's name is going on with the cable management there is a loose cable near the bottom and the GPU isn't even connected on the first slot once again there are no benchmarks but I'm going to assume it's going to take the number one spot because of these specs now here's an example of someone who's faking their PC just to enter everything is perfect except the GPU but here's what threw me off a bit the second pci bracket is removed which means that there was most likely another powerful GPU in the slot that occupied both of the PCI slots otherwise why would you remove the second PCI bracket if it doesn't bother you so this PC has an i7 6700 K and he paired that with the Radeon 54 50 which is the GPU in the pictures something just doesn't add up but what do you guys think should he be disqualified or not I'll put them in the vote just in case after all you guys decide who gets the $200 not me Meriden is next with this piece of treasure it honestly looks like something Nathan Drake would find in a cave or something this thing is filled with dust it also has the aim the x264 dual-core processor and a geforce 5200 turbo caged GPU and 1.8 gigabyte of ram i didn't even think that was possible i mean if you have tape holding up some parts of your case from falling apart i think it's time to upgrade last but not least we have tom with another questionable build so is rocking the i3 6100 cpu with an msi z170 motherboard and no GPU everything else seems to be either new or recently bought but I don't know maybe saving up for a GPU I don't really have any proof to say otherwise he also sent me a pic of his entire setup for some reason so here it is anyways so yeah guys that's pretty much the episode that's a really quick one make sure you guys click on the strawpoll link and vote on who you think has the worst PC and who deserves the $200 so hopefully they can use that money towards a better processor or maybe a better GPU I don't know and there's guys do you guys so much for watching I'll announce the winner and fifteen days on my social media accounts make sure you're following me there best of luck to the contestants who entered and I will see you in the next video
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