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PC Wars - Episode 5

what's up guys it's that back again from Texas and welcome to PC wars episode 5 we're used to meet your custom PC to get featured on a channel and a chance to win 500 bucks find your bucks that's what you think what's up guys it's at back again from Texas and welcome to PC wars episode 5 where you submit your custom PC you can feature it on a channel and a chance to win a hundred bucks if you guys are new to the series and want to submit your custom PC make sure to watch the video linked down below little that sound done that the PC war is begin never pay full price for games ever again guys g2a offers the cheapest cd-keys you can find anywhere check them out by clicking on the link below as always everyone's pc specs will be linked down below if anyone is interested but here are your 5 lucky contestants Archie Jim Jose Marcus and Eve all yellow avaylo vile Oh congratulations for making it to PC wars episode 5 first up is Archie with his PC build mk2 and i-540 670 clocked at 4.2 then we have 2 AMD r9 290x graphics cards 16 gigabytes of g.skill RAM and water cooling parts from ek I don't see many water cooling builds in the H 440 case so coming across one is always a pleasant surprise I'm loving the black plates and the custom red cables from PC CG it's interesting that you went with red cables for this build but I gotta say it does add some spice to it cable management is also really clean job well done and for benchmarks the mk2 scored a 17,000 138 putting it way up there and pretty hard to beat definitely a strong start for this episode of PC Wars eval o is next up with his black and blue baby inside he define R for case an i7 3770 paired with two asus r9 290 s and crossfire we also have sixteen gigabytes of kingston ram and a fractal design Kelvin s 24 as the CPU cooler great work with color coordination and cable management definitely a good-looking PC no doubt for benchmarks that scored a 14,315 putting it in second place at number three we have jim with his project be a blue black and white build inside the case labs sm8 case we have a 4790k overclocked 24.8 with two gtx 780 s we also have eight gigabytes of ram from kingston and water cooling parts from ek yet again some of the mods include custom painted fan rings from Corsair GPU engravings a painted sli bridge cover and the custom blue acrylic floor for benchmarks that scored a 16,000 219 putting it in second place for this episode next up is Jose with monster red yet another water-cooled build but this time inside the a 540 case a 49 30 K clock to four point six and we have two GTX 780 Ti superclocked Edition and SLI and 32 gigabytes of RAM from Corsair water-cooling parts from ek as always along with some mods that include a painted as a lie bridge painted SSDs and even part of the case is painted red keel management is clean and it's scored in eighteen thousand six hundred twenty seven which puts this beast up top at the number one spot for this episode last but not least we have Marcus and his black and blue build Ayana which has a forty six ninety and a GTX 970 the PC also has eight petabytes of RAM from G scale and a cooler master 212 Evo to keep things cool it scored a 97 36 on virus strike which puts it in last place but overall a really good looking black and blue build inside the NZXT s340 case so that's it for this episode of PC Wars as always make sure you guys drop your comments down below and vote on who has the best custom PC voting will end on the 15th and I'll Lance the winners on the 16th on my Twitter and Instagram accounts so make sure you guys are following me there but that's basically it thank you guys for watching if you enjoy PC Wars make sure to hit that like button and I'll see you in the next video
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