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PC Wars Submission Instructions

so you want to submit your custom PC to get featured on the channel win some prize money and even a custom plaque well you came to the right place iOS PC Wars twice a month on the 1st and 15th and the winner of each show will be part of the best custom pcs of the year which I will host every single January out of the 24 finalists you guys get to vote on who you think has the best custom PC of the year and the winner will receive 500 bucks in cash a tech source t-shirt and also a custom made plaque which is hand signed by me everyone else that enters and doesn't get a chance to win well your build will still be featured on a channel with a shout-out to your social media account or YouTube channel but here are the requirements and instructions to enter PC Wars first and foremost make sure there is plenty of light in the room please don't take pictures at night I need a minimum of three pictures of your PC one shot of your entire PC with a side panel off showing the entire build from top to bottom and to close-up pictures of your PC the first picture being the top half of your PC showing off your cooler and RAM sticks and the second picture to be the bottom half showing your graphics cards for the love of God please don't send me any vertical pictures for some reason I get a bunch of those make sure that your phone or camera is in landscape mode the more pictures you send me the better you don't have to send me only three if you send me ten pictures and a bunch of angles if your PC by all means do it the more the better the other two files I need are screenshots the first screenshots should be of your CPU and graphics card using the HW monitor program it's free to download and I'll drop a link in the description section on where you guys can download it once you open it up find your CPU and GPU labels and make sure that they are visible at the same time you can minimize the tab so that they don't clutter the page this basically shows me your motherboard CPU and graphics card so I know that you're not lying in the spec sheet the second screenshot should be a snapshot of your five lag benchmark score you can download the free benchmark tool using steam or by clicking on the link below and downloading it from major geeks or other websites once you download it make sure to run the firestrike benchmark score and then go and take a screenshot of your score your screenshots should look something like this once you have your pictures of your PC and the two screenshots head over to we transfer comm and add the files for the email portion put in setup Wars at and in the message body type and PC Wars and caps to let me know that this is for PC Wars and not setup boys you know that God and list your name and the name of your PC if it has one and give me one social media account that you want me to give a shout-out in the video below that go to list the entire specs and parts of your PC please don't send me links just the names of the parts are okay under the part list write down all the mods that you have done to your PC for example custom painted parts modded sli bridges sleeve cables or whatever it is that you added to your PC what's happening is fill out select transfer and sit back and relax and wait for the files to be sent that's basically it once the files are sent and you are accepted I will go ahead and add you to the queue I also make sure to follow me on Twitter because that is where all the updates will happen also that's the best place to get a whole domain you can also find more information down below like what it takes for me to reject a submission as well as other important information that's basically thank you guys so much for watching best of luck to ever enters and I hope to see you on the show
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