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PS Vita Slim Limited Edition Bundle - Unboxing, Overview + Giveaway

the PSVita a successor to Sony's popular PSP was released in early 2012 but the new model known alternatively as the Vita 2000 or simply the Vita slim has finally come to us Shores this is ad from Texas and let's take a closer look the black model will debut with Borderlands 2 and an 8 gigabyte memory stick which is not a bad deal considering you get all this for only $1.99 there are a total of 6 colors to choose from however the black model is the only one available in the US there might not be a big leap from the original Vita but it's evolutionary changes are welcome it's lighter and thinner than the original model and it includes 1 gigabyte of on-board storage Sony did however change the OLED display from the old Vita to an LCD panel we will have to wait and see how that looks when we play with the device so what's included with the PS Vita slim you may ask well you came to the right place instead of the game disk you will find the game code written on this which you can redeem via the PlayStation Store and here is the 80 gigabyte memory stick that comes with the PS Vita moving forward we have a welcome booklet in two languages followed by some more paperwork including the safety guide for charging you have your microUSB cable power cable and the power brick finally we have the PS Vita it definitely feels slimmer than the previous model there is no question there it feels as if I'm holding a very white smartphone it almost seems a natural to me because of how slim it is maybe it's just me but I prefer handheld consoles to be much thicker for a more comfortable grip design wise there aren't really any differences from the PS Vita a 5-inch display sits in the middle and on both sides are the same layout of buttons and analog sticks they also brought over the point 3 megapixel front-facing camera on the bottom of the PS Vita you have your micro USB port which was converted from their proprietary charging port that they had in the previous models you also have your headphone port and memory card slot on top of the PS Vita are both triggers volume buttons game a lot the LED indicators and the power button the screen size however is the same coming in at a resolution of 960 by 540 4 which might seem subpar by today's standards but it is plenty for handheld gaming and you will hardly notice the difference flipping the device over we can see a newer layout of the touchpad along with the rear facing camera up top unfortunately like the last olvida the newer model still only accepts memory cards that are made by Sony which is probably my biggest complaint with this device did I mention that the PS Vita is slim it's literally double the thickness of the iPhone 5s using the PS Vita we can see that the new LCD panel isn't that bad by comparison it doesn't have quite the same deep saturation as last year's OLED model but the screen does provide for more natural color tones and it did not seem washed out at all it's not an improvement over last year's model but it's definitely not worse it's just different I have never really gone into mobile gaming I've always been the traditional console and PC gamer but after using the Vita for a couple of days now I can say that Sony has done a good job I can stream my ps4 games as well as enjoy exclusive content that's only available on the Vita the things that I hate about the Vita are the fact that I have to purchase Sony memory cards which are overpriced instead of buying aftermarket SD cards and secondly the comfort level is just not there for me it's great that they made a slimmer but people that have large hands will find it hard to get used to personally I'll be sticking with my PC and ps4 since I don't do a lot of traveling but to anyone that likes handheld and is on the go constantly this is a no brainer anyways that wraps up our unboxing and overview of the PS Vita limited edition bundle I want to give a huge thanks to gadget guru and Cobra tech repair for pitching in and making this video possible if you guys want to enter for a chance to win the PS Vita all you have to do is be a subscriber of us tech source Cobra tech repair and gadget guru as well as leaving one comment on each of our videos here are the links to their videos and you can also find them in a description section down below as always my patrons get an increased chance of winning the giveaways if you want to learn more you can click on the patreon link here or in the description section in down below so clarify once again the requirements to enter are as follows be a subscriber of Texas Colbert tech repair and gadget guru and leave one comment on each of the following videos I will announce the winner on June 1st on our Twitter accounts so make sure to follow us there thanks for watching and good luck
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