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Perfect Desk Setup - Episode 3 | BUDGET EDITION

the perfect desk setup I guess that's subjective to everyone a setup is perfect if it meets your needs and has purpose a perfect setup for one person may not be perfect for another also it doesn't have to be expensive which is why I'm focusing on a budget setup for this episode ladies and gentlemen welcome to the perfect desk setup episode three surprise is a black and red gaming setup with budget in mind now I did spend months researching to find the best products for each category to not break the bank so everything I mentioned in this video will be linked down below in the order that they appear also guys everything in this setup will be given away except the table to my subscribers so if you want to know what to do to enter make sure to stick around till the end of this video but with that said let's start with the PC that's powering this setup but the $450 budget build featuring the I 360 180 TX 1060 which is capable of running most triple-a titles over 60 fps in high settings but there will be a build guide as well as benchmarks on this PC on my cousins channel so if you guys want to check that out I'll drop a link to it down below the desk is the popular linman from ikea and although there is plenty of space to keep the PC on the table I decided to keep it underneath it for a much cleaner look after all it doesn't have a clear side panel anyways the display is from sceptre and it's a 22 inch 1080p monitor that goes for only $70 now that is an awesome deal not only is it racer compatible but it also comes with an HDMI port and it's also perfect for gaming since we do get a 60 Hertz refresh rate on a TN panel there's nothing else out there that comes close for this price so I have the monitor sitting on a riser from Satechi for two reasons one it provides extra space underneath to store some items like a laptop tablet or other flat devices and two it comes with four USB 3.0 pass-through ports and audio jacks so instead of connecting your devices to your PC you can plug them straight to the monitor riser for convenience things like connecting a USB flash drive for example is extremely convenient now for the peripherals it was a bit tricky because I wanted to find a solid mechanical keyboard that would not only match the setup but it would also break the bank as well ultimately my research led me to the Gambia's Hermes keyboard and mouse combo which actually I featured in my cool tech of this summer video so if you want to learn more about these make sure to watch the video linked below so the keyboard features cherry MX red equivalent switches with anti-ghosting and it comes with a Windows lock key as well for gaming the mouse on either hands features a 3500 DPI sensor and RGB lighting via their software it's a very comfortable Mouse a small footprint makes it very easy to grab and lift and glide smoothly across the mousepad speaking of which for the mousepad I picked up a dope looking black and red one from enhanced which covers most of the desk and provides some extra cushion for the wrists while typing for audio I went with 2 options a pair of Marvel speakers and a gaming headset from the excellent the speakers are cool and provides decent sound and that's pretty much it to be honest it's expecting incredible sound and a heavy bass then these are definitely not it remember this is a budget setup so I had to spend as little as possible for each product category the Marvel speakers happen to be one of the best for only around 15 dollars the be excellent gaming headset on the other hand is great for around $20 you get a solid and comfortable gaming headset with a built-in microphone it has large cushions around the headband and the ear cups are large enough to fit around most ears which also provides great noise isolation it's very lightweight and the sound is actually crisp and clear to my surprising but not much else you can ask for from a gaming headset that cost around $20 so when I'm not using the headset I have it hanging in the back of the martyr on a headphone hook that I picked up from Amazon for only $10 it's a cheaper way to keep them off the desk and away from sites when I'm not using them I did do some minor modifications to the desk like drilling a hole throughout the keyboard and mouse wire through as well as installing a pencil drawer underneath it's a great way to clean up the surface of the desk and keep things hidden away until you need to use them for example I have my power bank in here some charging cables and even a laptop the final modification was this gooseneck from easy account and it's a great way to hold up your smartphone or tablet I decided to hook up my iPad air 2 and use it as a second display it's more for watching videos or checking out feed while I'm busy using the main monitor for work or gaming what's awesome about to do snack is that you can practically bend it in any direction you want so if your desk is cluttered or maybe it's very small and don't have space for a tablet or a smartphone holder then consider putting this up instead it's a lot better of course I have some debounce games on the tablet so that it matches the overall theme of this set up but if you guys want to pimp up your device with some skins be sure to visit the first link down below finally let's take a look at cable management so since the PC is located on the ground it's a lot easier to group up all the wires into a cable sleeve and run them down into a cable box which has the power strip inside no need for velcro straps or 3m tape now the PCU is on the desk it would be a different story overall this is a very functional and budget-friendly gaming setup and I really hope you guys enjoyed it these videos do take months to set up and plan so I hope the wait was worth it as I mentioned before in the video guys you can win anything you want from this episode except the desk of course I don't want to ship an entire desk to someone so it is worldwide you can live anywhere in the world and you will be qualified all you guys have to do is drop a like on this video and comments down below on what item you guys want to into the giveaway for it now for my subscribers out there that still use the app nice you guys actually have two chances of winning so watch this video on the app and make sure to add any product you guys want to win to your wishlist and automatically you'll have two chances of winning also the gaming PC in the setup is available only within the app nice so you guys will have a chance to win that as well it's not available on YouTube you guys don't have to download the app of course you can just participate on the youtube giveaway just drop a like and leave a comment on what you guys want to win the nice lap of course is a place where you can watch youtube videos and shop at the same time all in one convenient place instead of clicking on links and going to different websites and stuff you guys can also watch my videos a few days early on there for free the app is free I'll drop a link to it down below if you guys want to check it out also before I go I forgot to mention that I'll be announcing the winners on Twitter for those that don't have the app nice but if you guys do have the app winners will be announced within the app as well alright thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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