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Pixel Madness 5K UHD TV - CES 2014

what's up guys Texas is back with some more CES coverage today we're gonna look at some incredible TVs that we thought were the most interesting at CES there were so many companies at 4k displays I mean Samsung had some toshiba had some and even companies that we never heard of had 4k TVs so instead of just showing each one that we found we're gonna show the ones that we thought were the most interesting the first interesting type of display we came across were the curved TVs and the main reason why they're curved like these is to provide the user with an immersive experience we were pretty close to the TV here as you can see and we were able to view the entire TV without moving our heads and it's all about the perspective when you're looking at the space like these and the new curved TVs provide a much better viewing experience the only possible downside I see is the viewing experience from the corner I mean let's say you have a bunch of people come over at your house and some are forced to sit on the edge of the room well because the display is curved you won't have the full viewing experience compared to someone sitting directly in the middle again that depends on the layout and seating arrangement but for the most part I think that the curved display TVs will enhance your viewing experience we found that most affordable 4k curved TV that's currently available and left a link in the description below if you guys want to check it out but usually these prices range up to 9000 and beyond depending on the size and brand the next interesting 4k TV we discovered was a TCL 84 inch ultimate TV we have never seen anything quite like this before not only is this an 84-inch 4k TV but it has touchscreen capabilities it comes with a stylus pen which you can use to turn the TV into your very own canvas apart from all that this TV is also a smart TV with Wi-Fi capabilities so you can transfer files between your devices there is no news on a release date nor a price tag on this since it's still a prototype the next TV we were impressed by was from Samsung this is the 110 inch 4k TV and we were simply stunned by the quality of the display I would imagine the price tag on this baby better yet imagine inviting guests over and they come in and see this mounted on your wall what I would like to see is a drop test on this thing so if you guys want us to pick this up when it's available and do a drop test and hit that like button lastly we came across Beauty this is Toshiba's extra-wide ultra-hd 5k TV a true CinemaScope experience in your home the aspect ratio on this beast is 21 by 9 and it optimizes image textures edges and death for incredible realism this is a true definition of overkill when it comes to UHD TVs however if money isn't a concern to you then I don't see why you shouldn't have these in every one of your bedrooms the display is simply stunning I mean it would be amazing to play a game on something this incredible given that they make the games compatible with 5k in the future so that wraps up the video on the coolest TVs we saw at CES we definitely have a lot more to cover so make sure you guys are subscribed so you don't miss out
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