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Putting Together The Ultimate Gaming Setup | VLOG #22

support for this video comes from tunnel bear tunnel bear is the simple privacy app that makes it easy to browse securely and enjoy a more open Internet to try tonal bear for free go to tunnel very calm slash tech source what's up guys it's a from tech source and welcome back to another vlog on the channel I know it's been a while but today we're gonna be focusing on cleaning up the loft area so that I can shoot the second episode of building the ultimate gaming setup and I want to give you guys an update on what the loft currently looks like there is the current situation of the loft and as you guys can see there has definitely been a lot of changes from the last time I've showed you guys this the major change is the sectional couch that I finally have added in the loft I'm not a change is I've actually moved the 55 inch nano cell TV to my bedroom and I upgraded it to the 65 inch 4k TV from LG as well and I did drill holes in the wall to route the cables and so as you guys can see there's no cables there I hooked up the LG sound bar I also added the HTC vive just like I promised we got the ps4 Pro they're currently waiting on some D brand skins and the HTC vive is currently hooked up to my Asus zephyrus laptop that is currently what's running the vive system like I said guys I'm gonna be planning on building a PC and I'm gonna mount it on the top of the TV that's probably give me the last thing I'm gonna be doing to the gaming setup and I'm gonna be adding some RGB strips actually I have two packages here I'm currently gonna be testing both of them out I'm not sure which one I want to use now the difference between these strips and the life expunged that I was planning on using is that these come on individual strips which makes it a lot easier for me to put it in different sections of the TV like I want to put one on the top pulling down the sides and I want to put one on the bottom but this one does come with individual strips so it gives me the ability to do like the sharp corners if I were to get to one long strip and if I wanted to cut the corner it's gonna be it's it's not gonna look good so that is why I went with those in terms of quality I'm gonna protest both of these out this one was like 40 50 bucks so this one is more pricier I think I spent about 15 bucks on this one from HID lights but I want to test those up I'm gonna be working on some cable management I did buy an HTC vive controller dock which I'm gonna be hooking up I don't know against the wall or something and then I'm gonna find a place for the ps4 Pro and one last thing is this wall shelf that I picked up from Wayfarer I'm thinking about mounting it against the wall over here I did buy one just to test it out if it looks good I'll buy another one and put it on the opposite side as well the only thing I don't like about the current setup is this wire that's running all the way down from the sensor from the HTC vive and there's two of them there's one on that side and there's one on this side so yeah definitely some cable management is gonna gonna be needed and I want to figure out where I'm gonna be installing this wall shelf but so far I'm really liking how everything is turning out definitely with these small minor touches it's gonna improve greatly and I can finally focus on recording the second video of building the ultimate set up there is no real color scheme by the way guys it's gonna be mostly black so it's gonna be an all-black setup because I do have a black couch so yeah there might be some minor red accents and stuff but no real dominant color scheme I just want this set up to look sick and I wanted to have function a lot of function that's the main thing here and of course it has to be aesthetically pleasing if it's not aesthetically pleasing it is not made by tech source not made by me anyway this gets going let's start off by I guess we can start off by figuring out a place for the wall shelf and then we'll go from there okay so obviously the first thing I want to do is before I mount the Showa phase I want to make sure that it's gonna be level with the TV and the TV stand of course the ground as well so I picked up this laser leveler I think it's what it's called from Amazon this thing was pretty pricey the tripod itself was about 50 bucks and this was I think around hundred I don't recommend this too obviously everyone unless you're doing very sensitive big project so it's got two buttons on here I can press one for the horizontal level you guys can see over there it also has a vertical laser as well and the cool thing about this is no matter how uneven your floor is it's got like a built-in gimbal system or something if you guys can see that it's always gonna adjust itself so that way it's perfectly straight so there's the horizontal line basically telling you that is what's gonna be parallel to the ground and the vertical line is to see how straight you want things and if you guys can see the TV isn't exactly SH way to have to kind of adjust it but I'll work on that later all right so now that is completed I'm definitely gonna be ordering one more so I can put it on the opposite side it turned out actually pretty good it's not too big it's not too long and I left a little bit of space near the back there that way I can route the cable in the corner there I'm gonna get some clips and then wanted to straight down into that corner and then into the back of this stand so yeah pretty good let's uh now let's go ahead and do the LED strips or the RGB strips behind the TV and then from there we can go out and organize the vibe and then the vibe stand if you want to show you guys the updated room layout because I've actually changed a few things I move my charging station into my editing room and as you guys can see I added a few more things and even some micro USB cables on the side here with magnetic cables case I need a charge like the HTC vive controllers or power banks and stuff like that and I hung the play button 1 million play button in this room because because while I was filming it fell off from the center and almost destroyed whatever it was that I was recording because I suck at mounting things simple as that so instead I cover up the holes and stuff with some more acoustic foams as you guys can see it's just a square design right now and as far as a silver play button it's actually on the opposite side with some more acoustic foams and that is what this room is currently looking like okay so nothing going to be going with the SLR color Kinect RGB scripts this is what comes the box you get those four strips I think they're 24 inches long each one there's four of them this is the power connection for that and there's a bunch of other cables these are going to be like the extension cables there's some in different lengths they're shorter ones he's like the medium size and these are the super long ones so if you guys want to put them in like super difficult hard-to-reach places then you know this set is basically perfect maybe want to put like each strip under like a set of stairs or something pulling under the kitchen counter and put the other one I don't know someone next to the microwave stuff like that that's why they give you these long cables so you guys can route them all and I'd have to worry about connection problems also comes at a pretty cool looking remote so that's pretty dope and then you also get two sets of mounting hardware it does come with adhesive strips in the back obviously so if you can amount it against a desk for example or TV then you're fine but this is more so through an amount that again stuff for example your wall or something like that that doesn't really work well against adhesive strips holiday shoppers are already taking advantage of online sales but assuring a secure connection is becoming more challenging this is one of the reasons why people use tunnel bear tunnel bear is an easy-to-use VPN that encrypts your internet traffic on up to five devices even if you connect to an unsecured Wi-Fi network tunnel bear will keep your connection private and guard against theft of your personal information you can try total bear for free when you visit turnover com slash tax sores all right moment of truth here we go maybe not go maybe it's off let's shut it on nope so I mean they obviously connected something wrong or they Oh No oh wow oh yes damn that looks pretty sweet so yep looks like it is working and obviously I can use the remote to change the colors I just have to aim it at the actual sensor so yeah that looks pretty cool the only problem is the sensor is really bad the infrared sensor right there I am aiming directly at it and it's not registering their keystrokes I'm gonna have to put that somewhere that's clearly visible because if it's not even reaching at this point this distance then let me turn the lights off completely then we'll see how it really looks like aha yes that looks sick the camera is acting up right now I don't know what the hell is going on if you guys can sit on the camera but it's not like that in real life stuttering I don't know if it's from the shutter speed from the camera or what there we go so different color I just one seems to look better and that's as bright as they can get guys unfortunately the camera does not do it justice it looks so much better in person to be honest alright so next step I want to run the cables from the vive headset through the hole down here into the wall and up through that hole over there because these cables coming from the headset are supposed to connect to this control panel I guess is what it's called and this end is connected to the PC via USB and the HDMI I need to conduct these cables up there because that is where the control panel is going to be as close to the PC as possible and this entire cables gonna run down the TV out that end and the headsets gonna come out from there and there's plenty of wire slack so I'm not gonna have to worry about that but I don't have a PC right now unfortunately so I'm gonna continue using the AC zephyrus to power up the vibe which is doing a phenomenal job first of all problems I know I'm using a freaking high end power gaming laptop to run my vibe instead of a desktop PC but anyways it's gonna get these routed through the wall and see how it turns out alright so this is what I've got so far out of the LED lights we've done some cable management near the back clean up the surface a bit I added the ps4 Pro inside the glass there the HTC vive headset is down there so if I need to use it basically just grab it out the cables coming out from the back end and it's actually through the wall and into the back of the TV currently and there's still plenty of slack over here to move around and aloft so I feel like I put the headset in a really good spot so I wanna put this back inside I also decided to move my vibe controller stand to the charging station which makes a lot more sense I mean I'm gonna be charging something might as well move it to the charging station the thing I love about the charging dock is it's actually magnetic hooked up a micro USB adapter on the bottom of both of the controllers so basically all have to do is lower it down in a dock I might have to wiggle a little bit just to find the spot and then it snaps in place and begins charging convenience wise this is one of the best options out there actually I looked everywhere to find a decent charging dock for device controllers and this is the only one I could find that that's actually that actually looks good also green means it's fully charged and red means it's currently charging so that's a really cool indicator to let you know if your controllers are juiced up and ready to go but if you guys want to check that out I'll drop a link to it below as well as everything I mentioned in this video of course alright guys so there it is finally completed very productive day I finished up the cable management portion for that sensor and the one for at this corner looking a lot cleaner unfortunately there's no way to hide the cables so I'm gonna have to deal with that I mean technically I can add a white cable Raceway but it's gonna be way too obvious because it's gonna be a lot bigger than a simple black cable going down so depressingly it's not bothering me as much as I thought it would so I'm gonna leave it that way I don't think enough to do is to pick up one more shelf put it on the opposite side find out some really clean looking headphone hangers and controller ducts for the ps4 and for the HTC vive controller finally build a PC that's gonna be powering this entire ultimate gaming setup I also put the AC zephyrus laptop down there if I'm not using it but obviously if I'm playing on the vibe I'm gonna take it out put it on top of the stand and then hook it up to the vibe controllers the remote sensor I left it there which I think it's a lot easier to access let me try it out actually alright let's test it out so I'm basically gonna just aim down towards the stand you can't have to play around with it it's not very accurate that's one of the things I hate about this RGB strip but the quality is really good so I'm gonna have to deal with it maybe I'll just bring a closer let me try bringing it closer alright there's pretty much at the edge of the stand let's try this again off okay that worked on off on so yeah it works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't whatever but yeah guys that pretty much wraps up the vlog I hope you whoo I hope you guys enjoy the video if you did feel free to toss a like to show your support if you guys didn't like it feel free to dislike as well that's completely fine to let me know your feedback in the comment section below what do you guys think about the setup that I'm building right now if there's anything you want to change if there's anything I should modify any recommendations for the headphone stand and stuff like that leave it all below I'll be within the comments but anyways love your faces thank you so much for watching and I will see you guys in the next one
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