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R5 1500X 1600X VS 7600K 7700K | Benchmarks

well some guys are dead from tech stories and welcome to my rising 5 benchmark video as always we're going to cut straight to the point and look at temps overclocking performance gaming benchmarks as well as take a look at the productivity side the samples I have with me are the 1500 X and 1600 X which are part of the horizon 5 lineup and these were aimed to compete against until 7600 K and 7700 K so I will be comparing them against each other as always at the end of this video I'll be going over the frames per dollar to figure out which would be CPUs give you the best bang for your buck so the 1500 X is a quad-core CPU with a 3.5 gigahertz base clock and it will cost you 189 while the 600 X is a 6 core processor with a 3.6 gigahertz base clock also the 1500 X does come with their waste by RGB cooler while the 1600 X does not so I managed to overclock both rise and 5 chips to 4 gigahertz at Deason volts however the cable a chips proved once again that they are much more efficient at overclocking 5 gigahertz at one point 3 volts for the 7700 K and 4.99 B 7600 K the coolest out of the bunch would be 77 and 1500 X coming in in the low 30s during idle and the hottest chips or actually the 16 is X and 7600 K hitting close to 80 degrees on full load once overclocked let's kick off the benchmarks by checking out these cinnamon scores so the 1500 X beat out the 7600 K in the multi score benchmark but scored lower in the single core then we got the 1600 X way up there as hole 42 for the multi-core which makes sense since it is a 6 core processor however none of Amy's chips come close to the single core processing power of these 7700 K so our first productivity test is handbrake which is a free transcoder for video files exported a three-minute 4k file using the h.264 codec as expected the 16x rendered it out the fastest at 2 minutes and 19 seconds but suffice me the 7700 K wasn't that far off I kind of expected a much bigger gap between the two since the 16x does have two additional cores however when looking at the biggest pearl exporting times that's starting to make more sense the 69 FX finishing a little over seven minutes rendering at the same three minutes 4k file while the 77 finished a little over nine minutes interestingly enough both the 7600 K and the 15-inch X are neck and neck for both of the render tests so at this point is pretty obvious if you're heavy use it for multi-threaded applications like editing programs streaming or 3d modeling the 1600 X is your best option if you're designing between these chips but what if you only gaming so first up we got GTA 5 and 1080p and it looks like the 77 decay takes the lead with a massive 56 frame difference against the 1500 X and 1080p the 77 decay is 35% faster than the 1500 X and the 7600 K is 16 percent faster but look at the overclocked performance the 1500 X gained 16 frames just by overclocking however sadly both wise and 5 chips fell short compared to the 7600 K and the same can be said in 1440p although the scores didn't change much it was interesting to see that the 1500 X was severely bottlenecks since both 1080p and 1440p scores or identical on GTA 5 moving on to ashes of the singularity on dx12 I did want a CPU focus benchmark instead of the GPU since we are comparing CPUs in this video and that's kind of why the scores are lower than usual but looks like the 16x slightly pulled ahead of the 7600 K however it's still no match compared to be 7700 K in 1080p as well as 1440p it doesn't look like the scores change that much between the two hitman is next and we can see a substantial lead between the 50-meter X and 7700 K once again that's a 42 FPS gap making the 7700 K 35 percent faster than the 1500 X and the 7600 K 30% faster than the 1500 X we did get identical scores for 1440p which implies that there is model-making present and next up is Metro last light the performance difference is once again monumental between the 1500 X and 7700 K a 37 FPS difference making a 7700 K 24% faster than the 1500 X however the 7600 K is only 6 percent faster than the 15 and X the gap decreases as we bump up the resolution to 1440p since the GPU is doing most of the work however there is still a 7 to 12 indifference between the 15 inch racks and the KB Lake CPUs division is another game I tested in dx11 and surprisingly all CPUs performs a neck-and-neck then again division isn't really a demanding title the same can be said in 1440p even after overclocking we pretty much got the same scores across the board and finally we got battlefield 1 not a huge gap in performance between the chips for 1080p however the frames are pretty much identical when bumping up the resolution into 1440 so obviously the 7700 K is still the king of all quad cores but how much more are you really paying for it taking a look at the frames per dollar we can see that you're getting a little over 2 frames per dollar on the 7700 K whereas you're getting nearly 3 frames would be 1500 X you get 30% more bang for your buck going with the 1500 X than be 7700 K and a 9% value compared to the 7600 K now if you're gaming on a budget and still need a powerful processor for multi-threaded applications like I mentioned before the 1600 X is still a solid choice even though the 7600 K has better value than a 1600 X these scores aren't taking into account the rendering tests where these 16 rx did really great so when it comes to productivity these 1600 X is the better option so ask yourself this guys are you looking to get the most value out of your next PC or do you want the best and not care about how much you pay I collect that's what it always comes down to when comparing AMD against Intel either price per performance or the best performance at a cost of a premium but I hope this video helps you guys decide on your next processor or maybe just watching to learn something either way if you liked it leaving a like would be highly appreciated and if you didn't like it feel free to dislike as well that is cool - thank you so much for watching guys leave all the parts for CPUs that talked about down below if you guys are interested thank you for watching I'll see you in the next video
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