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RYZEN 1800X vs INTEL 6900K (1700X vs 6800K)

ladies and gentlemen AMD has done it we finally have competition once again I have with me all three rise in CPU the 1800 X 1700 X and these 1700 but in this video going to be comparing the 1800 X and the 1700 X against the direct competition di 760 900 km v 6800 K in the later video I will be comparing these 1700 against the 7700 K so be sure to stick around for that as well so the new rising 7 CPUs are all 8 cores 16 thread processors and here are their respective prices and TDP the most notable being the 1700 which has the lowest TDP in any 8 core processor in the market very impressive numbers on paper to say the least $500 for an 8 core processor is unheard of but is it too good to be true we're going to take a look at performance per dollar as always at the end of this video so make sure to stick around now obviously there's a lot of exciting stuff with AMD's new processors and there is just too much to cover in this video which is why I'm holding it off for a separate video because I know a lot of you guys are here for the benchmarks only I have to test beds set up for this comparison 1 for AMD which features the new MSI X 370 X gaming titanium motherboard 16 gigs of ram from crucial clocked at 2400 megahertz the be quiet silence loot cooler and an EVGA GTX 1080 for the wind graphics card while the Intel testbed features the a2 Strix x99 gaming motherboard the same 16 gigs of ram from crucial the same EVGA GTX 1080 FTW card 1200 watt power supply and the 110 I cooler both from coarser it's also important to note that all the drivers are up to date and I'm using the latest BIOS update that was sent to me from AMD I'll also be sure to follow up with these numbers as new drivers become available and bugs get fixed so I'll be showing the benchmarks from the stock frequencies as well as overclocked I managed to push the 89 X 2 4 gigahertz and the 79th of X 2 3 point 9 which I'm still not proud of I kind of expected more Headroom on these new processors considering I was able to achieve an extra 1.2 gigahertz on these 6900 K the first test was Cinebench the 18 X scored a little higher on stock frequencies but after overclocking the 60 manager K shot up to 1800 which was surprising then we got the 60 educating down there which is to be expected since it's only a six core processor it can't quite hang with the big boys yet next up we have handbrake which is an open-source video transcoder so i transcoded a 60 second raw 4k video file using the h.264 codec and here are the render times lower obviously being faster both the 18 and 17 processors beating out the 6900 k on stock frequencies while the overclocked 6900 k takes the lead once again in render times similar numbers for the Vegas Pro editing programs rendering out a 60 second real 4k file was faster on the 6900 k once overclocked but not by much it appears that both the 800 X and the 17 FX processors are faster than the 6900 k when it comes to multi-threaded applications on stock frequencies which is interesting once over clocks though is a different story but how does it perform in gaming the first up we have ashes of the singularity it appears both Intel CPUs performed better during the CPU focused benchmark for ashes we're looking at around 30 percent difference in speeds compared to the 60 900k not a huge difference in battlefield 1 since it's more of a GPU intensive game but we can see that the 6900 K is still a lead by four fps followed closely by the 1800 X on dual is what we start to see something interesting even a 6800 K perform better than both rising chips despite it having two less physical cores granted this was done in OpenGL instead of Vulcan where Andy would have surely done better if the game didn't keep crashing on me I would have given you guys scores on that as well but OpenGL was the only stable option for me at the time for the three is the new game I add it to my benchmarks to spice it up a bit and we can see that the sixty nine hundred K is about 17 percent faster than the 1800 X and stock frequencies while these 6800 K and the 1800 X are pretty much neck and neck the gap in performance increases as we overclocked both CPUs hitman absolution same things only different there's a gap in performance is much higher the 1600 K is 24% faster and stock frequencies compared to the 1800 X Metro last light being more of a GPU intensive game we can see similar numbers across all the CPUs except the 60 manager K once again this TPU is clearly on steroids and finally we got gta5 looks like the 1,800 X and 6800 K are both neck-and-neck the 1700 X with slightly lower frames and the 6900 carry way up there with a 20 FPS gap that's a 14% increase in performance before I share my opinion let's take a look at these performance per dollar as expected at 6,900 K gives you the worst value out of the rest with a point ten frames per dollar average compared to the 1800 X's 17 frames per dollar which is nearly double not even though it shows that the 6800 K gives you the most value for your money you have to keep in mind that these scores are only for the gaming benchmarks and it doesn't take into account the rendering speeds where these 6800 K does totally the best bang for your buck CPU is the 1700 X followed by the eighteen hundred's when taking gaming and productivity into account so conclusion time based on the benchmarks in the video and the performance per dollar it honestly doesn't make any sense to me why you wouldn't go with a rising CPU for your next PC in the end you get a solid 8 core processor for only $500 or $400 with slightly lower clocks the value is definitely there whether you are gaming or using a PC for productivity or both it just makes sense going with either the 1700 X or the 1800 X CPU there is no question there however and there's always it however if you're one of those elitist and extreme PC enthusiasts that wants the best for their PC no matter the cost then obviously the 6e manager K is the better option you just have to overpay for it and by overpay I mean paying double the price which is ridiculous if you want the best bang for your buck Rison is the way to go either way I'll drop a link to all the processors mentioned in the videos down below make sure to hit that like button if you guys are excited for my other comparison or if you enjoyed this video thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next one
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