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RYZEN R7 1700 vs i7-7700K | Benchmarks

for an exceptionally silent and functional PC build that be quiet pure bass 680 X tower is what you're looking for it's completely sound insulated with dampening materials in all the relevant places features a modular design with removable ODB and hard drive bays for various cooling solutions and it comes pre-installed with two pure wings two fans one of the things I love about this case is the cable management area there are plenty of pass throughs and grommets to help with cable management something I don't often see in most cases the pure bass 600 comes with a three year warranty and it's available in black and silver accents if you want to learn more check out the first link down below what's up guys it's there from tech stores and just as I promised I'm bringing you with quick benchmark comparison between the eight core r7 1700 and a quad core i7 7700 k if you somehow missed my previous comparison between these 1700 X and the 18 and X that went up against the 6800 kme 69 and okay that I'll be sure to link that down below so the test beds are exactly the same nothing has changed from the previous benchmarks other than the CPUs of course and for overclocks I pushed the 7700 K to 5 gigahertz with a core voltage of 1 point 3 to 5 whereas the 1700 was overclocked to 3.9 gigahertz also on a one point three to five core voltage so that wasting our time ladies and gentlemen let's jump into the benchmark I said it once before and I will say it again the r7 1700 is a solid gaming and productivity cpu the 7700 K just can't compete with multi-threaded applications if you do both gaming and editing the 1700 is the obvious choice here of course you are missing out on some fps and gaming the 7700 K is still currently the king and of gaming or screaming is all you do on your PC then you won't find a better value than these 7700 K it clearly offers the best bang for your buck at point 38 frames per dollar once overclock but that doesn't but it's quick benchmark comparison as always if you guys enjoy the video be sure to hit that like button and if you haven't subscribed be sure to do so for more PC contents I'm ed from tech stores and I'll see you in the next video
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