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Radeon RX 480 - The New Budget King!

what's up guys it's ed from tech source and today we're gonna be taking a look at the radio on our x4a this is one of the three new graphics cards from AMD using the Polaris architecture which is built on a 14 nanometer FinFET technology this basically gives the GPU nearly double the transistors to play with in the same area as 28 nanometer technology resulting in higher clock speeds more power efficiency and more performance per watt AMD is claiming that their new radio rx series will deliver on the promises of gaming and VR for everyone in terms of specs the R X 480 comes in 4 and 8 gigabyte variants with gddr5 memory the model I have in this video is the API variant with a memory speed of 8 gigabits per second it also comes out of the box with a bass and boost clock of 1120 and 12 66 megahertz respectively as mentioned before this is one of the three new cards from AMD with the aurochs 470 and the RX 460 being released at a later time in terms of aesthetics there really isn't anything attractive about the card I mean it's essentially a black rectangular block with a blower design no additional backplate sexy curves or even fancy LEDs I mean after all the starting price is only $1.99 I'm actually more interested to see what the board partners would do with the overall design when you compare a card like the GT X 1080 you can really see how small the RX 480 is the height is practically the same however it's much shorter and with measuring about 9.5 inches in terms of Io you get one HDMI 2.0 B and three display ports which are 1.3 HP are three and one point four HD are ready the RX 480 also features AMD freesync so if you have a free sync monitor or are planning to get one then you will be able to enjoy your games free of tearing and stuttering another new software being introduced as AMD's new overclocking utility called the Radeon Whatman that gives you control of the GPUs voltage clock speeds temperature and fan speeds you can either fine-tune your GPU for each specific game through the utility or set a global overclock regardless of the game you're playing for the benchmark test I am using my primo chill test bench that has a 59 30 K that's overclocked to 4.5 gigahertz 16 gigs of Jesus and a be quiet dark rock pro3 cooler all packed on the asus strix x99 gaming motherboard for temps the RX 480 would hover around 38 degrees Celsius whereas it would max out at 85 degrees during full load to power to GPU you would only need a single 6 pin PCI connector and for power consumption the entire system would peak at 3 or 5 watts on some benchmarks or as it would constantly hit 280 watts on average at full load and finally during idle the system would use up only 130 watts the card is also fairly quiet even during full load I could barely hear the fans spinning all right so moving on to the benchmarks which I'm sure is the reason why a lot of you guys are here unfortunately I didn't have a gtx 960 or 970 on hand so instead i compared the RX 4 80 against the gtx 1080 1070 and the r9 380 which is currently the same price as the RX 480 so let's go ahead and do this so there you have it very impressive numbers from the RX 480 although it won't bring you 4k content that's playable it will surely keep you satisfied for 1080p and even quad HD given that you tweak the settings a bit the RX 480 outright destroyed the r9 380 seeing an average of 20 to 30 percent increase in fps performance this means that we will most likely see price drops on some of AMD's budget and mid-range graphics cards based on the quad HD benchmarks the RX 4 80 has the best bang for your buck with a score of 5.21 without a doubt the RX 480 is the GPU to buy if you have a budget of around 200 bucks I'm not done playing with the RX 4 80 just yet I have a bunch of comparisons coming up as well as an RX 480 crossfire build in July so make sure you guys are subscribed if you don't want to miss out as always if you guys enjoy these types of videos make sure to leave a like and I will see you in the next video
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