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Razer sent me some Goodies! - Unboxing #35

what's happening guys that from tech stories welcome back to another what's in the box episode a series where I figure out what's in the box we only have four boxes this time so might be a short episode but this is the box that I'm most excited about guys this is from Razer and he told me they're sending me some goodies to review on the channel so I'm excited I don't know what's inside here but we're gonna keep this to the end because you guys know how we do it we start with the small boxes and we end up with the big ones so with that said ladies gentlemen let's start up with this okay so this one is actually from a coolermaster oh it's a bag inside of a bag okay okay what is this Wow guys I got a shirt from coolermaster and I'm actually excited because I'm tired of wearing the same shirt over and over again you guys probably saw this Game of Thrones shirt so many times in the video so finally got something to change it up so Thank You coolermaster I was actually too Bob there's one for you also in the bag we've got some stuff some storage from xpg you have an SSD and an MDOT - this is actually going into the build actually I can't say it's a secret guys I can't tell you what Bill that's going into but it's going to a bill obviously also from a data we've got some RAM sticks ooh we got two red ones and two black so these are 3,000 megahertz eight gigabyte sticks so a total of 32 gigs okay not bad and it appears that there are GB judging by the white plastic piece on top so hi guys let's move on to the next box which is from eeek actually no I lied it's also from Coolermaster this is a smaller box so check this one out okay this is just a cooler master power supply this is the V 750 so yeah nothing too exciting just the power supply s is the box from ek I wonder what's inside here I did request a few things from them I'm curious if this is one of the items or all of them in one box we'll find out I guess oho they sent in - wow that's insane I don't know that we're gonna send both of them so guys this is the new ek RGB 360 kits it's an all-in-one liquid cooling kit for your PC and they sent over the 360 version as well as the 240 I did post a poll on Twitter and asked you guys if you wanted to see a water cooling build guide so that's what this is for I'm gonna be using the 360 kit from ek and do a step-by-step build guide on how to use this kit on either up getting your PC or starting a fresh water cooled build so yeah very excited about that guys if you want to see that make sure you stick around I don't know I don't know why I did that so okay there's a bunch of stuff in here but essentially this kit comes with a CPU block you have your pump reservoir combo as well as a 360 millimeter radiator or if you guys pick up the 240 kit you will get a 240 millimeter radiator instead and of course its RGB not only defends but also the pump and the CPU block itself can be lit into whatever color you guys want let's put these aside and get to the main event of the evening guys I'm so excited Oh razor what do you have for me let's check this out baby okay you ready Bob you he's smiling - you get a smiley oh my god okay okay that goes my knife so smooth box there's nothing on here so I don't know what the hell is that whoa what okay this a bunch of stuff in here this is the first thing I've noticed actually it goes the knife again got then the first one is obviously a GPU they sent over a founders edition 1080 tae TI guys okay actually I lied it's not a TI why why did I say - yeah it's a 1080 but okay they sent it why did they send me a GPU what's in this one oh this is another GPU this is a sapphire I'm guessing 570 or 580 it's a 570 it's a 578 gigabyte graphics card which I'm guessing that's something to do with this box let's open this up all right oh dude this is the new razor corex oh my god so guys this is the new razor corex it's an external GPU solution which uses Thunderbolt 3 and you can connect that to you anything that supports Thunderbolt 3 so it's at your laptop or MacBook and you can hook up a GPU to it and use a GPU so if you want do gaming or any GPU accelerated programs that's what this is basically for we did pick up a 2018 macbook recently so we're gonna be hooking this up to it and do some testing so yeah alright guys moving on to this box over here which I think I would have an idea what this is oh my god it's so thin I'll make the box is thin like you imagine the laptop oh my god I want you guys to hear this you so ladies and gentlemen this is the new 2018 razor blade I believe it's the 15 inch model let's pop this open look at these bezels guys that was a fast boot it took like less than five seconds to boot up got an RGB keyboard there as well very nice oh it's touchscreen all whole decent the 4k model dude hold on I got a check it is the 4k model 3840 by 2160 guys oh my n is touchscreen we're gonna we're gonna have fun with this day I'm gonna have I'm gonna have fun with this baby say guys we're gonna be doing a lot of testing or actually be comparing this to the new 2018 MacBook so in terms of gaming of course in terms of productivity the whole shebang we're gonna cover everything between these two laptops so if there's anything specific you guys want to see between these two laptops let me know in the comments section below we're also gonna be doing a separate review of the razor blade as well so make sure you guys subscribe so you don't miss out alright guys I think that's pretty much it for the video I can't wait to start using this right now actually so I'm gonna wrap up the video thank you so much for watching if you guys want to check out any of these products of course I'll leave a link down below thank you so much for watching guys I love your faces and I'll see you in the next video
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